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Common raw materials analysis of animal derived organic fertilizer

 We have analysised of the raw materials of plant origin,there we share more about the raw materials of animal derived organic fertilizer.The common raw materials of animal derived organic fertilizer including :
Animal manure:sheep manure,pig manure and cow manure are good organic fertilizer materials.The content of organic matter is high,but it is not easy to decompose because of the low of fiber.When used,it should be fully decomposed and fermented to kill the eggs,bacteria and weeds at high temperature.In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,when fermenting the raw materials,the fermentation compost turner machine is the most important.Choosing the suitable fermentation compost turner machine to ferment the raw materials will reduce more waste and save more time to finish the fermenting working.
Animal processing waste:processing waste,even breeding waste,can also become raw materials of organic fertilizer.However,the method of pollution -free biodegradation should be adopted.
Industrial waste are aminly include these:
Industrial residues:distiller's grains,cassava dregs,sugar dregs,furfural dregs,lignin dregs,ethanol dregs and other raw materials have large market scale,strong regional characteristics,low price,high organic matter content,and water contern generally more than 60%.Pay attentional to mixing ph value and heavy metal during use.
End of tobacco stem:this kind of material has high organic matter,nutrients and sugars.It has good fertility effects as the main raw material of organic fertilizer.It also has the effect of inhibiting miscellaneous bacteria and soil insect pests.The price is also relatively low.
Sometimes,the organic fertilizer can be made into organic fertilizer powdery and organic fertilizer granulator.When we make the organic fertilizer make into organic fertilizer granulator,the fertilizer granulator machine is the main important machine to finish the working process.In the organic fertilizer production line,we can choose the disc granulator machine to make organic fertilizer granulator.Different type and series organic fertilizer machine of making granulator has different granulating method.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,we also can choose the rotary drum granulator machine to make organic fertilizer granulator.
Medicine dregs:medicine dregs include avermectin dregs,cephalosporin dregs,tyrol dregs and penicillium dregs.The protein content of medicine dregs is relatively high,and the price belongs to the middle and lower class.The fertilizer effect is good after using,and it can resist other harmful bacteria,but the fluidity of raw materials is large,and the stable supply of goods is small.
Animal acid residue:the protein content is high,more than 40%.Most of the flavored materials are mostly wet materials.The price is medium and low.They need to be dried and dried to make organic fertilizer with strong taste and good fertility effect.
More other raw materials can be used to make organic fertilizer,which to be used in organic fertilizer machine to be equipped in organic fertilizer production line and  to be used to make organic fertilizer.Using different type and series organic fertilizer machine to finish the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.
Organic fertilizer production line video show for you: