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How to produce organic-inorganic fertilizer granulator?

The organic fertilizer production production was used the  fertilizer machine or fertilizer production line,which are used to specifical produce organic fertilizer granulator.And the compound fertilizer granulator is also use the specifical fertilizer machine or npk fertilizer production line to produce.Now,there are a new kind of fertilizer granulator---organic-inorganic fertilizer granulator,the fertilizer is a combination with organic fertilizer with inorganic fertilizer granulator.So the new technology is designed. Organic -inorganic compound fertilizer refers to a compound fertilizer containing certain organic fertilizer and npk inorganic fertilizer.The effective combination of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer solves the shortcombings of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer alone.The production process of organic and inorganic compound fertilizers has also been designed to produce corresponding fertilizer production equipment and fertilizer production line.
Producing organic-inorganic fertilizer granulator,there are a complete fertilizer production line.Firstly,we need to use fermentation compost turner machine to fermentation raw material.And then using fertilizer mixer machine to mix and using the fertilizer granulator machine to make fertilizer granulator.Because the requirement of the moisture,we need to use the drum dryer to dry the water.after drying using the drum screener machine to screen the powder and granulator.The fertilizer screener machine can separate the fertilizer granulator that the size meet the requirement and the inquality fertilzier granulator.
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