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How to choose fertilizer granulator?

Different fertilizer granulator machines are designed to produce different type fertilizer granulator.And every fertilizer machine has their own characteristic.How we to choose the fertilizer granulator machine according to the fertilizer granulator characteristic?Before introducing every fertilizer granulator machine,we can know the role of fertilizer granulator machine is mainly used to make the fertilizer into the granulator.The fertilizer granulator machine can be classifiied into:
1.disc granulator:The disc granulator machine is suitable for produce npk compound fertilzier granulator,and the fertilizer granulator shape is the ball.Using the disc granulator to make fertilizer granulator have the advantage that the process is simple and te granulation engery consumption is low.What's more,the product particle shape conforms to the user's habits.but the granulated product has a high water content.
2.Rotary drum granulator:The fertilizer granulator machine is a new design fertilizer granulator machine and the fertilizer granulator machine is suitable for producing npk or compound fertilizer granulator.The fertilizer granulator machine production is simple and the scale of production is not limited by granulation equipment.
3.Roller press granulator:The fertilzier granulator machine is also suitable for producing compound fertilizer granulator and the granulator machine's process is simple and the technology using the extrusion method to produce fertilizer granulator is mature and reliable.The granulation product has low moisture and low drying engery comsumption.
Flat die granulator:The flat die granulator machine is suitable for producing the organic fertilizer granulator,And the machine is easy to be operated and the simple process.
Besides these fertilzier granulator machine,there are also other fertilizer granulator machines.If you are interested in fertilizer granulator machine or you have any question about how to choose fertilzier machines,you can leave a message for us and we will supply professional suggestion for you according to your question.