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Organic fertilizer production process

 Using the fertilizer manufacturing technology and the organic fertilizer machine are designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers,we can produce the organic fertilizer higher efficient.In the organic fertilizer production line to produce the organic fertilizer granulator can simplify the process of the organic fertilizer granulator.
In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,the organic raw materials:According to the different raw materials and processing technology of organic fertilizer,it can roughly divided into compost,retting,manure,biogas fertilizer,green fertilizer,straw fertilizer and other organic fertilizers.Compost refers to a kind of organic fertilizer,which is composed of crop straw,manure and animal carcasses,rice husk,grass and a small amount of soil.The difference between retting and composting is the organic manure which is produced by fermentation under the condition of flooding,and the raw materials used are the same as compost.The raw materials used for the manure are the manure of livestock and poultry and the bedding marerials in the shed,which are made of compost.The raw material of biogas fertilizer is the same as that of compost.The process is the resideal biogas liquid and residue after biogas production by anarobic fermentation,which is the by-product after biogas production.Green manure uses green plants as fertilizer.Straw fertilizer raw materials include corn,rice and other crop straws.Under suitable conditions,through the role of soil microorganisms,the elements in straw are miceralized back to the soil and reabsoprabed by crops.There are other organic fertilizers,such as cake,sludge and so on,which can be processed into organic fertilizer through the organic fertilizer production equipment.

2.Process of organic fertilizer production line
The processing technology of organic fertilizer production line generally adopts different technology according to different production scale.Large scale farms and specialized organic fertilizer production enterprises can adopt commerical organic fertilizer production process,and realize the commericialization of cultivation waste through a complete organic fertilizer machine production line and reasonable process flow.Due to the samll scale of cultivation,the small-scale farmers need a large amount of funds to invest in a set of organic fertilizer equipment,for example,the fertilizer granulator machine is the essential equipment when producing the fertilizer into granulator.Using the fertilizer granulator machine to produce the granulator we can use different method to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.Sometimes,the extrusion method can be used to produce compound fertilizer granulator,which the method can be used in the roller press granulator machine.So the livestock manure produced is purchased by large farmers or fertilizer factories.Some farmers choose to produce powder products.Although powder has an advantage over particle in the price of organic fertilizer,there is not a big gap between powder and particle fertilizer in terms of fertilizer efficiency,and they will still get a place in the market.Of course,for farmers or fertilizer manufacturers with large capatical strength,a complete granular organic fertilizer production line  is the final choice,especially in the high organic fertilizer market,bio organic fertilizer is more sought after by people,so in turn,it also promotes the continuous update and improvement of the organic fertilizer production equipment,processing the bio organic fertilizer with higher quality.
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