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Organic fertilizer granulator machine

Producing the organic fertilizer granulator using the complete fertilizer production line,in the fertilizer manufacturing process it is equipped with different series fertilizer machines to finish the production process.When producing the granulator,the organic fertilizer granulator machine is the factor equipment to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.So what type are designed and equipped in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process?
Organic fertilizer granulator includes flat die granulator machine,ring die organic fertilizer granulator machine,roller press granulator machine,disc organic fertilizer granulator machine,rotary drum granulator machine,and so on.almost including all organic fertilizer granulator except tower granulator,covering the common organic fertilizer granulator in the industry.In fact,for crops,organic fertilizer is the best fertilizer.Such fertilizer production manufacturing process is simple,processing cost is low,harmful ingredients are less,crop absorption is fast.However,with the popularization of mechanical fertilizer application,and the disadvantages of fertilizer transportation,people slowly approach organic fertilizer granulation.Therefore,organic fertilizer machine to be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator are designed.The traditional organic fertilizer granulator is disc type organic fertilizer granulator,rotary drum granulator machine,which play an important role in the later stage of organic fertilizer granulator.For organic fertilizer granulator experience accumulation,made a significant contribution.The advantages of disc type organic fertilizer granulator,drum type organic fertilizer granulator are simple process,convenient operation,less equioment failure and high output.However,these organic fertilizer granulators have the defects of high moisture content,small particle density,high dust content and uneven particle size during processing.Through these defects,people granulally carry out equipment transformation and renewal.Flat die organic fertilizer granulator has the characteristics of large pressure,simple adjustment of ring die pressing wheel gap.large density of pressed particles,low dust content in working environment,low moisture content of particles,easy drying of finished products,etc,but this kind of flat die granulator machine can only press columnar particles.The new type of organic fertilizer can reflect the advantages of the production of organic fertilizer particles,especially spherical particles.The process of high-speed rotation,forced granulation,firction bonding and polishing is basically used to change the traditional granulation process with large investment,complex process and repeated links,and then spherical organic fertilizer particles are generated.
fertrilizer granulator machine
We are as the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,we are not only design the organic fertilizer granulator machine,we also designed the compound fertilizer production line and the fertilizer granulator machine which are suitable for being used in the npk,compound fertilizer production line.Like the rotary drum granulator machine,roller press granulator machine which using the extrusion method to produce the compound fertilizer granulator.