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What problems should be paid attention to when applying organic fertilizer?

 Producing the organic fertilizer granulator using the organic fertilizer manufacturing process to make the granulator higher efficient and higher yield.But what problems should be paid attention to when applying organic fertilizer?
1.The nutrient content of organic fertilizer is not omnipotent organic fertilzier,which contains many kinds of nutrients.Copared with single nutrient fertilizer,the nutrient content of organic fertilizer is unbalanced,which can not meet the needs of high yield and high quality of crops.
2.Organic fertilizer decomposes slowly and its efficiency is relatively late.Although organic fertilizer contains all nutrients,nitrogen content is low,and decomposes slowly in the soil,it is difficult to meet the needs of crops for nutrients when the amount of organic fertilizer is not very large.
3.Organic fertilizers need to be fermented by using the fermentation compost turner machine,which we can choose the screw turning machine to ferment the raw material for sometime.Many organic fertilizers contain pathogens,insect eggs and weed seeds.Some organic fertilizers are harmful to the growth of crops.Therefore,they should be fermented by composting and processed before they can be applied.Raw manure can not be put into the ground.
4.The application of organic fertilzier is taboo.The decomposed organic fertilzier should not be mixed with alkaline fertilizer and nitrate nitrogen fertilizer.

Although the fertilizer manufacturing process using can help the fertilizer producer produce the fertilizer higher efficient,we also should be attentio in the process of using the organic fertilizer.Some times,most of the fertilizer producer choose the fertilzier into granulator using the diffferent fertilizer granulator machine type.When we choose the differen type fertilizer machines,.we should notice that different type fertilizer machines are suitable for different raw material,for example,we can choose the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine to make the organic fertilizer granulator or bio organic fertilizer granulator in the bio fertilzier production line.