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Why does farm manure need to be ripe before it can be applied?

 Now,we can use the organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer and other commerical fertilizer.These fertilizer all can be produced by the fertilizer manufacturing process,and now we have the farming fertilizer to be used.But before using the fertilizer,we need to do some dealing using the fertilizer machines.Using the farming fertilizer ,the key to improve the quality of agricultural fertilizer is to about the method of accumulation before application to make them mature and improve the quality of fertilizers,because most of the nutrient forms of organic fertilziers rich in organic matter are late acting,and crops can not directly absorb and utilize them.

If unripe organic fertilizers are applied to the soil, they are often decomposed slowly and do not. However, the fertilizer efficiency is poor in the season, weeds and the transmission of pathogens, eggs and so on.In agricultural production, these shortcomings can be served by customers. For organic fertilizers such as manure and compost, they are often decomposed by accumulation before application. When fermenting the raw material ,we cana use the fermentation compost turning machine to improve the effecicnt and save the time.The machine is always equipped in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process to ferment the raw material.The purpose of decomposition is to release nutrients,improve fertilizer efficiency,and avoid some unfavorable factors to crops when fertilizers are decomposed in the soil.Such as competing with seedings for water,nutrients or burning seedings due to local high temperature and high ammonia concentration.Only ripe organic fertilizers can significantly improves soil properties.The decomposition of organic matter increase the effective nutrients in fertilizers.On thee other hand,the organic matter in fertilizers changes from hard to soft,and the texture changes from uneven to uniform.In thee process of decomposition,weed seeds,pathogens and insect eggs are mostly changed.To bekilled in order to meet the requirements of agricultural production.
So ,whatever the commical organic fertilizer or farming organic fertilizer,when we produce using the fertilizer manfuacturing process,the first step is always  to ferment the raw material using the fermentation compost turner machine.