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What should we pay attention to in fertilizer storage?

 After finishing the producing of the compound fertilizer or organic fertilizer using the fertilizer manfuacturing process,it is important that storaging the fertilizer granulator.What should we pay attention to in the fertilizer storage?Share more with you in this article.
1. Attention should be paid to anti-moisture deterioration: ammonium bicarbonate is easy to absorb moisture, resulting in loss of nitrogen; ammonium nitrate has strong moisture absorption, easy caking and hydration; lime nitrogen and calcium superphosphate are easy to cake after moisture absorption, affecting the application effect. Therefore, these fertilizers should be stored in a dry and cool place, especially when ammonium bicarbonate is stored, the packaging should be sealed firmly to avoid contact with air.
2. Fire prevention and sunshine avoidance: Nitrogen fertilizer volatilization loss will accelerate after sunshine or high temperature; ammonium nitrate will decompose and oxidize at high temperature, and will burn in case of fire. Do not use hammer to hit agglomerated fertilizer to prevent explosion. Nitrogen fertilizer storage should avoid sunshine, strictly prohibit fireworks, not with diesel oil, kerosene. Items such as firewood and grass are stacked together.
3. Loss prevention: ammonia water and ammonium bicarbonate are easy to volatilize, and should be sealed when stored. Nitrogen fertilizer and calcium superphosphate should not be mixed with alkaline substances (lime, plant ash, etc.) to prevent the loss of volatilization of nitrogen fertilizer and reduce the fertilizer efficiency of phosphate fertilizer.
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4. Anticorrosive toxicity: calcium superphosphate is corrosive to prevent contact with skin and metal appliances; ammonia water is strongly corrosive to copper and iron, and should be stored in ceramics, plastics and wood containers. In addition, chemical fertilizers should not be stacked with seeds, nor should they be packed in bags to avoid affecting seed germination.
Because in the raw material of making the fertilizer contains a lot of material that we can use to produce the compound fertilizer granulator,but we need to use some producing technology to get it.The fertilizer machines are designed and equipped in the npk fertilizer production line to make the npk,compound fertilizer granulator.We need to notice more about the choice of the fertilizer machines type.Because different type fertilizer machines are to be used for different type fertilizer production lines.
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