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Organic fertilizer manufacturing process using cow manure

The needs of the organic fertilizer granulator make the orgnaic fertilzier manufacturing process is devolopment continuously.And the material of producing the organic fertilizer granulator more and more can be used.Like the livestock manure,sludge and so on.Today,we will take the cow manure as an example to illstruate the organic fertilizer manufacturing process in a professional fertilizer machine manufacturers' view.
Making the cow manure into organic fertilizer granulator,the factor is to ferment the raw material and use the fertilizer granulator machine to make it into the fertilizer granulator. The first step is to ferment the the cow manure in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,but before that we need to notice that the cow manure whther is wet or dyr.If it is the wet cow manure,we need to dry the water and then to ferment the raw material into the fermentation compost turning machine for some time.Then put the straw or other fertilizer material into the cow manure and to crush it.In the organic fertilizer production line,we usually use the horizontal mixer machine to mix the raw material.Then using a suitable fertilizer granulator machine to make fertilizer granulator.In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine is a choice,besides this fertilizer granulator machine,we also can choose the flat die granulator to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.Sometime,the higher requirement for the organic fertilzier granulator in the organic fertilizer granulator manufacturing process,we need to dry the water to some certain and after cooling the temperature next to screen the quality organic fertilizer granulator.Finaly,using the fertilizer packing machine to pack the organic fertilizer granulator.
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