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Powdered fertilizer and granular organic fertilizer

The fertilizer can be produced into powdered fertilizer and fertilizer granular.The technology of producing powder fertilizer and the fertilizer granulator are different.The fertilizer machine in the  powder fertilizer production line is simple and the fertilizer granulator is a little complex compared to the powder fertilizer producing.  The raw material are same of producing the organic fertilizer  whether producing the powder fertilizer or granulator fertilizer.The material can be the sheep manure,chicken manure,straw and so on,and then mix them according to a certain ratio.Then make them to be fermented using the fertilizer machine---fermentating compost turning machine.Then we use the fertilizer mixer machine to mix the raw material.If we produce the fertilizer into powder,after mixing,we directly dry the water using the drum dryer and after screening put the fertilizer powder into a packing machine to be packed.If we produce the fertilizer granulator,we need to use the fertilizer granulator machine to make fertilizer granulator and then make the fertilzier granulator to be dried in the drum dryer.After using the rotary screener machine to separate the fertilizer granulator which the size are not meet the requirement.
The fertilizer machines are designed to produce the fertilizer,the fertilizer granulator machines are designed to different fertilizer,like the disc granulator you can use to produce compound fertilizer granulator and the flat die granulator can be used to produce organic fertilizer granulator and so on.The fertilizer production lines are also designed to produce fertilizer granulator.Compared to the powder fertilizer,the fertilizer granulator are more popular.
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 Picture of fertilizer granulator production line :