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Cow manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process

Producing organic fertilize granulator machine using the fertilizer granulator machine,the livestock manure is a good material.The organic fertilizer manufacturing process need many step to produce.The organic fertilizer manufacturing process need to be fermented in the fermentation tank.Put the raw material into the fermentation tank and then using the fermentation compost turner machine to begain to ferment sometime.Then Using the fertilizer crusher machine to crush the raw material and mixe them in fertilizer mixer machine.And then choose the suitable fertilizer granulator machine to make organic fertilizer granulator.Generally speaking,we can use the flat die granulatoror new type organic fertilizer granulator machine to make organic fertilizer granulator.Because the higher requirement of the organic fertilizer granulator,we also need the fertilizer dryer to dry the water to some extent.
The organic fertilizer manufacturing process is a little complex compared to the compound fertilizer granulator manufacturing process,we are as the professonal fertilizer machine manufacturer,and we design the high quality fertilizer machine to produce organic fertilizer granulator.Producing the organic fertilizer granulator,we are the professional fertilizer machine manufacturer we also design the organic fertilizer production line.The organic fertilizer production line is designed to produce the organic fertilizer granulator and using the fertilizer production line make the production higher efficient.