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The process and equipment in the organic fertilizer production

 In last article,we share the fertilizer project of the organic fertilizer how to build.And there,in this article,we share more information with you about the organic fertilizer machine type need to be used in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.There we state the basic process of the organic fertilizer production.
The basic process is as follows:
1.Fermentation process section:
(1)pre fermentation:20 tons of cow dung,10 tons of chicken dung and 20 tons of pig dung were used as raw materials in the mixed pre fermentation device for organic material inoculation,full mixing and pre fermentation.
(2)Main fermentation:Using the combined horizontal anaerobic fermentation equipment(patent equipment),adding biological bacteria,the fermentation temperature is controlled at 50-60 ℃,after fermentation,the color is dark brown,no fecal odor but compost odor.After the biogas is collected,it enters the biogas boiler for combustion through the water sealed tank and flame arrester,providing heat for the fermentation unit,granulation,drying and other units.
2.Compound process section
(1)Crushing:The ingredients(straw,bean cake,bone powder,hoof horn powder,etc)were crushed,and the inorganic fertilizer was crushed at the same time.
(2)Raw material compounding and mixing:The formulation of organic and inorganic raw materials is mixed according to different series of products.Mix well in the mixer.If the proportion is 12%,about 12 tons.
(3)water content control:For organic materials with high moisture content and low C/N ratio of straw powder or heat,the added amount is 6 tons/day of characoal,6 tons/day of grass carbon and 18 tons/day of straw and wheat straw.After treatment,the moisture content of raw materials is 60%-65%,and the C/N ratio is 20-30.The added material must be fully broken.

3.Granulation process:
(1)crushing:The fermented organic materials are dried ,crushed and screened after being stored for 1 day.
(2)compound and mixing:In the process of making a series of specifical fertilizers,according to different soil conditions and different inorganic nutrients are added and minerals of organic matter and microelement are concentrated,so that the fertilizers contain nutrients needed for the growth of a variety of plants,such as nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium,sodium,manganese,zinc,cropper etc.According to the formula,nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium and fermented materials are mixed by computer and transported to the granulator for granulation.The formulation of orgnaic and inorganic raw materials is mixed according to different series of products.Mix well in the mixer.If the proportion is 12%,about 12 tons.
(3)Granulation:Due to the production of biological fertilizer,mainly organic matter,more cellulose,poor forming conditions,and the addition of live bacteria with fertilizer making function,the production process should not be exposed to high temperature and other characteristics.It is not suitable to use the methods of disc granulation and rotary drum granulator in the making materials,because these two  process require high grinding fineness and granulation water content,which is about 30% in general.Therefore,the drying load is large,and the pelletilizing rate is low(about 60%-70%),the dust is large in the production process,and the operating environment is poor,so for organic biological fertilizer.The environmental extrusion method should be used in the production of the product.The environmental extrusion method has low requirement requirements for raw material crushing,high molding rate(over 95%),low moisture content of particle after opening,small drying load,and can reduce the loss of effective bacteria,small dust and good operating environment.
70 tond of organic fertilizer raw materials use special granulation for organic fertilizer.After granulation,the material is sent to the dryer through the belt conveyor for drying.The particle diameter is 3.0-4.0mm,and the granulation rate is more than 70%.There one point need to be noticed that the fertilizer granulator machine is the main equipment to produce the fertilizer granulator.We need to use the fertilizer machine to produce the organic fertilizer granulator using the granulating technology is higher efficient.
(4)Drying:In the fertilizer manufacturing process of biological fertilizer,not only the moisture content of the formed particles of the formed particles is generally higher than the index,and it needs to be dried at low temperature,but also the moisture content of the organic material after fermentation is about 30%-40%,and the moisture content of the particles after granulation is generally between 15%-20%.The moisture content of the fertilizer quality index is required to be lower than 14%,which needs to be dried.Therefore,the drying section is an indispensable and important process in the production process of biological fertilizer,which directly affects the output,quality and engery consumption.It is very important to select the reasonable model and specification of the dryer and control the process conditions.
In order to  avoid the death of effective living bacteria due to the high temperature in the drying process,the drying temperature of the material shall not be higher than 60 ℃ (50 ℃),so the hot air temperature in contact with the material shall be different according to the different water content of the material,generally no more than 130 ℃.It is better to control the hot air temperture in sections,which can improve the thermal efficiency and avoid the death of effective living bacteria.According to the these characteristics,the belt dryer is suitable for low temperature and low moisture drying,and it can control the temperature of hot air in section to ensure that the material temperature is not higher than the specified temperature in the whole  drying process.The tail of the machine can also increase the natural air cooling section,so that  the material can be cooled immediately after drying,which plays a multi-purpose function of one machine is stable and even,the particles are not damaged,the residence time and feeding speed can be adjusted to achieve the best drying effect.Because most of the hot air can be recycled and the thermal efficiency is high,the heat source can be the steam provided by the biogas boiler.
biofertilizer production

A section of secondary granulation areas is arranged at the front of the dryer,in which the material can realize secondary granulation.Then,the material is lifted by the lifting plate to fully dry.The tail of the dryer draws out the humiod hot air through the pipe through the exhaust fan to enter the setting chamber for settling.After settling,the tail gas is sprayed by the wasting tower for dust reduction.The spray water is pump for recycling.After the secondary dust reduction treatment,the tail gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimnery.
(6) cooling:The dried materials are sent to the cooler through the belt conveyor for cooling. In the cooling process, the natural air is sent to the cooler by the fan through the pipeline to cool the materials. The wind direction in the cooler is counter current. The tail gas pumped into the settling chamber by the fan and the pipeline is treated as the tail gas of drying and discharged into the atmosphere.
The cooled material enters the screening, the large particle material enters the return belt together with the screened powder after being crushed and transported to the granulator for re granulation, and the finished product enters the automatic packaging system for packaging.
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