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20000 TONS Per annual of the organic fertilizer production process project

The organic fertilizer production line is designed for producing the organic fertilizer granulator,and in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,it is equipped with different type organic fertilizer machine to finish the production process.There we share the 2000 tons per year organic fertilizer production line project.
With the rapid development of animal husbandry and planting,large and medium-sized livestock and polutry farms(villages and communites)are emerging all over the country,resulting in a large number of livestock and polutry manure pollution,which has become the main source of local pollution due to the lack of timely treatment;due to the improvement of living conditions of rural people,a large number of straw treatment methods are improper,which has also become a hazard;domestic garbage surrounds the city.How to process and utilize it in time and rationally as soon as possible,and turn waste into treasure,has become a problem to be solved urgently.
At the same time,the current increase of agricultural production generally depends on chemical fertilizer,which will cause environmental pollution on the one hand.In fact,at resent,the non-point source pollution in rural areas is quite serious,which has become a difficult problem,on the other hand,it will affect the quality of agricultural products.Therefore,people gradually realize that when using chemical fertilizer,the proportion of organic fertilizer must be increased.Especially for economic crops such as vegetables,fruits and tobacco,the use of biological fertilizer can not only increase production,but also improve quality,protect ecological environment,and widely use urban and rural organic wastes,such as urban garbage,sludge,livestock and poultry manure,and other wastes.The new technology of bioengineering is used to produce bio fertilizer,which makes the "grain"form a virtuous circle chain.Therefore,bio fertilizer has become a new source of fertilizer and a new fertilizer industry for the development od ecological houshold industry.
Construction scale:According to the calculation of 2000 tons of organic fertilizer per year,the project covers an area of 4000 square meters.In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,it is used a large of fertilizer machines and the fertilizer manufacturing technolohgy to finish the production process.
organic fertilizer production line
The organic fertilizer has the following characteristics:
1.It has complete nutrients and high content.It contains various nutrients necessary for crop growth.
2.The fertilizer effect lasts for a long time,which has both forward and after effects.It can fully meet the needs of crops for various nutrients during the whole growth period,and it does not take off fertilizer in the later growth period.
3.It is simple and convenient to use.It can be used as a base fertilizer at one time.The application method is simple,labor-saving,time-saving and labor-saving.
4.Low cost,the lowest price among similar goods.
5.High efficiency,input-output ratio of 1:10-30 or more.
6.It is widely used for all kinds of soil and crops,including all kinds of greenhouse,vegetables,fruit trees,economic crops,grain crops,as well as medical materials,flowers,lawns,seedings,etc.
Plant conditions:Reliability of raw material supply.The main raw material of this product is animal manure.The auxiliary materials include:peat,sawdust,straw,bean cake,commeal and other wastes.The surrounding material supply shall not be less than 70 tons per day.The main raw materials of organic fertilizer production include:pig manure,cow manure,chicken manure,etc;ingredients include:straw,charcoal,straw carbon,rice husk etc.
The production process of organic fertilizer basically includes:organic material inoculation fermentation(pre fermentation),main fermentation,grinding,compounding and mixing,drying,granulation,cooling,screening,metering packaging and pther process.
In this project,we can use the granulating technology to produce the fertilizer into granulator using the fertilizer granulator machine.Different type fertilizer granulator machine series are designed and produced by using different granulating method.For example,the roller press granulator machine is designed and produced the fertilizer granulator.The roller press granulator machine is more suitable for the extrusion method to finish the granulating process,and it is more suitable for the compound fertilizer production process.
fertilizer granulator machine