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What should we pay attention to in using the organic fertilizer granulator?

 We have known the fertilizer manufacturing process including the organic fertilizer manufacturing process ,bio fertilizer production and npk fertilizer production and so on.So how we use it in a correct method?Sharing our ideas there with you.
Using the organic fertilizer manufactuing process to produce the high quality  organic fertilizer granulator,although the feritlizer granulator can be used widely,but only using the organic fertilizer granulator will also produce some problems,we should using the fertilizer granulator reasonablily.Some suggestions for you about what shall we notice in the producess of using the organic fertilizer granulator?
Firstly,using the application of organic fertilizer can increase the organic matter content of cultivated land, and the benefits are many.But there are some points need to be noticed that the nutrient content,especially the nitrogen content,should be identified when applying commerical organic fertilizer.In general, in addition to individual cake fertilizers and human excrement, the total nutrient content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is generally not more than 6%, and the total nitrogen content is generally not more than 3%. Under normal circumstances, the total nitrogen content of most composts is less than 1%, the total nitrogen content of pigs, sheep and sheep is not more than 1.5%, and the nitrogen in these farmyard manures is mostly organic, which can be released by decomposition and transformation in the soil. Absorbed by crops. According to the 1% nitrogen content of common organic fertilizer, 6-8 tons of farmyard manure per acre, and appropriate reduction of fertilizer application, will not be a problem.
Making the fertilizer into granulator using the fertilizer granulator machine is not only make the fertilizer granulator is convenient to transport,it also make the fertilizer granulator can be conserved for long time.