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The effect of bio organic fertilizer

Bio organic fertilizer granulator can be produced by the fertilizer manufacturing process.The bio fertilizer production is designed for roducing the bio organic fertilizer granulator.In the line it includeds many fertilizer machines.Using the bio organic fertilizer have many advantages.In this article share more with you about the bio organic fertilizer granulator.
Microbial fertilizers are actually a kind of microbial agents. These microbial agents can provide one or more microbial communities that are beneficial to crop growth. The microbial agents used in agriculture often have higher organic matter content such as peat, peat and organic fertilizer. The matrix is ​​mixed together, so it is customary to call the microbial agents microbial fertilizers. Let’s take a look at the role of microbial fertilizers.
Able to increase production:Practice has proved that the specific fertilizer effect of microbial fertilizer not only provides nutrients for crops, but also effective bacteria can secrete active substances such as gibberellin, cytokinin and auxin to stimulate, regulate and promote the growth and development of crops, which is conducive to the increase of crop yield. 
Able to improve quality:Microbial fertilizer can effectively improve the quality of agricultural products. The agricultural products harvested by microbial fertilizers have significantly improved the content of beneficial ingredients such as protein, sugar, vitamins and amino acids. The grains and fruits are plump and smooth, and the fruits of vegetables are bright and beautiful. They are delicious and good looking, and the value is high. . Some microbial fertilizer products can also reduce the accumulation of nitrates and improve the safety of agricultural products.
Enhanced resistance to stress:Most of the effective bacteria in microbial fertilizers have the function of secreting antibiotics and various active enzymes, which can inhibit or kill pathogenic bacteria, reduce the occurrence of diseases and enhance the stress resistance of crops, such as enhancing drought resistance and cold tolerance of crops. It is resistant to lodging, disease prevention and salt and alkali resistance, and it can also effectively prevent the occurrence of crop physiological diseases.
Improve fertilizer utilization:Most of the effective bacteria of microbial fertilizer can decompose organic matter in the soil. Humic acid is formed during the decomposition of organic matter, and humic acid forms ammonium humate with nitrogen in the soil, which can reduce the loss of nitrogen fertilizer. The potassium-soluble phosphorus-soluble bacteria can decompose the solidified chemical potassium fertilizer and chemical phosphate fertilizer in the soil into quick-acting potassium and quick-acting phosphorus, improve the utilization rate, reduce production input, and reduce resource waste.
Improve soil nutrients:Microbial fertilizers can promote the dissolution and release of poorly soluble nutrients in the soil and improve the supply of soil nutrients. The extracellular polysaccharides secreted by the effective bacteria are the binder of soil aggregate structure, which can enhance the soil aggregate structure, loosen the soil, improve soil permeability and water and fertilizer retention capacity, increase soil organic matter, activate potential nutrients in the soil, and improve soil. The supply of nutrients in the middle.
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