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BB fertilizer production

Do you heard the bb fertilizer granulator?The full name of the bb fertilizer granulator is a bulk blended fertilizer,which is a kind of compound fertilizer which is made by mixing several kinds of granular single fertilizer or compound fertilizer in a certain proportion.The bb fertilizer manufacturing process is not so complex comparing to the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.
The production of the bb fertilizer production:The bb fertilizer granulator is made by  several fertilizer granulator,mixing them together and then using the fertilizer mixer which the bb fertilizer mixer machine is designed for producing the bb fertilizer granulator.The bb fertilizer granulator don't need to use the fertilizer granulator machine,because the bb fertilizer is made by the granular directly,it is a kind of compound fertilizer granulator.
Advantages of the bb fertilizer granulator:
It is the high concentration of nutrients, increased production, significant savings, and strong targeting.The nutrient-to-distribution ratio of BB special fertilizer is based on the characteristics of crop fertilizer requirements, and is based on the local soil nutrient supply status, which is both scientific and targeted.And what's more,Simple processing, low production cost and no pollution. It is flexible formula, can be flexibly changed according to different conditions such as crop nutrition, soil fertility and yield level, which makes up for the shortcomings of general general-purpose compound fertilizer which is easy to cause a certain nutrient deficiency or excess due to the fixed nutrient distribution ratio. BB fertilizer can be used as base fertilizer and top dressing. Because of its good solubility, it should be applied as a base fertilizer. It should not be applied to deep soil layers. It is not advisable to apply BB fertilizer for fruits, tea, vegetables, etc. Soil, topdressing can be applied to water.
As the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,we not only produce the high quality fertilizer machines,we also design different fertilizer manufacturing process for different fertilizer type.

The video of the bb fertilizer production