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Organic fertilizer machine production process

 Organic fertilizer can be produced by using the organic fertilizer machine and using the fertilizer manufacturing technology.Designing a complete organic fertilizer production line can finish the fertilizer production process higher efficient.
Organic fertilizer production machine manufacturers must go through the process of fermentation,grinding,mixing,granulation,drying,cooling,screening.The fermentation process and grinding process are particularly important.To provide raw materials for high quality organic fertilizer,only with good raw materials can be the quality of the organic fertilizer pass the test of users.In  the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,using the machines to produce the organic fertilizer granulator some fertilizer machine to produce the granulator.
The production process design includes high-efficient compound bacterial and its propagation technology,advanced raw material blending technology and biological fermentation system.In addition,specifical fertilizer formula technology(product formula designed according to local soil and crop characteristics flexibly);reasonable secondary pollution control technology(waste gas and worry about gas);complete set of fertilizer process equipment design and manufacturing technology.
organic fertilizer production line
In the organic fertilizer production line,it is equipped with the fertilizer granulator machine to finish the granulating process.In a complete fertilizer prodiuction line,it is also equipped with different type and series fertilizer machines to prpduce the organic fertilizer granulator.
All types of fertilizer can be produced and in a complete fertilizer production line,it always is equipped with different type and series fertilizer machines to finish the production process.