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How to solve the problem of fertilizer caking in the equipment of organic fertilizer production line?

In the fertilizer manufacturing process,we can produce the organic fertilizer granulator usiing the full set of fertilizer machines in a complete fertilizer production line.But in the process,the organic fertilizer production,will be also produced so many problems ,like the organic caking in the equipment  of organic fertilizer production line.So how to solve the problem in the organic fertilizer production process?
How to solve the problem of fertilizer caking in the equipment of organic fertilizer production line?The problem of fertilizer caking generally occurs in the process of processing,storage,transportation and transportation of fertilizer.It is mainly caused moisture absorption,surface dissolution(deliquence)evaportation and recrystallization of micro fertilizer grains.In this fertilizer manufacturing process,crystal bridges are formed,resulting in small particles turning into large particles and caking.Caking is mainly related to materials(raw materials for fertilizer production),humidity and temperature,externmal pressure and storage time.
First,the materials we usually use for fertilizer production,such as ammonium salt,phosphate,microelement salt,potassium salt,etc,most of which contain crystal water and are easy to absorb moisture and agglomertat,such as ammonium sulfate,which is easy to agglomerate when phosphate meets microelement and becomes insoluble in water.When urea meets microelements salt,it is easy yo agglomerates.
Secondly,the fertilizer manufacturing process of organic fertilizer machine is generally non closed production.In the production process,the higher the air humity is,the easier the fertilizer will absorb moisture and agglomerate.If the weather is dry or the raw materials are dried,the fertilizer will not agglomerate easily.
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Third,the higher the room temperature of the extruder granulator id ,the easier it is to dissolve.Generally,the raw material dissolves in its own crystal water and causes caking.When the nitrogen temperature is higher,the water evaporates and is not easy to agglomerate.This temperature is generally above 50 ℃.We usually need to heat reach this temperature.
Fourth,the greater the external pressure on the fertilizer,the easier the contact between the crystal and the crystal,the easier the agglomeration;the smaller the external pressure,the less easy the agglomeration.
Fifth,the longer the fertilizer is placed,the easier it is to agglomerate.The shorter the time is,the less easy it is to agglomerate.

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