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Granulating technology of organic-inorganic fertilizer

 Now,in the market,the compound fertilizer occupied most of the market,the organic fertilizer granulator is the new specific,but just using the organic fertilizer granulator will also consist some disadvantages,we can use the organic fertilizer combined with incompound fertilizer using the granulating technology to produce the organic-inorganic compound fertilizer granulator.
In fact,organic-inorganic compound fertilizer is a kind of compound fertilizer with organic matter and appropriate amount of fertilizer.Because of dfferent fertilizer components,it needs to use a specifical compound fertilizer granulator.So are you familiar with the granulation technology of organic-inorganic fertilizer?Let's summarize the knowledge about granulation.
In the granulation technology of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer,farmers are used to granulating with chemical fertilizer and compound fertilizer,as if there is no fertilizer without granulation.In partice,granular fertilizer is more convenient than powder fertilizer.It is not only convenient to apply fertilizer,but also has slow-release effect.The powder fertilizer is easy to be affected by wind and rain erosion,thus affecting its effect.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,producing the organic-inorganic fertilizer granulator designing a complete fertilizer production line to produce the organic-inorganic compound fertilizer granulator.When producing the fertilizer granulator,we can use the fertilizer granulator machine to finish the granulating technology.Different type fertilizer granulator machine types are designed for producing the granulator,we can choose the rotary drum granulator machine to produce the granulator,which this series granulator machine to be designed for producing the organic or compound fertilizer granulator.
The organic-inorganic compound fertilizer can be mixed with the organic fertilizer in advance to make particles.The chemical fertilizer should be crushed first and then mixed with the powdered organic fertilizer,and then granulated by the granulator.Granulation requires a proper amount of water as the binder,and the finished product must be dried by the dryer,so as to meet the requirements of packaging and warehousing.
fertilizer granulator machine
BB fertilizer,it also known as mixed fertilizer,is a reasonable mix of several fertilizers.In this way,the common organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer can be proportioned to form organic-inorganic compound fertilizer,so that the processing cost is low,and the formula is flexible,and the equipment investment is mainly bb fertilizer equipment.If necessary,the full-automatic batching machine can be configured,so as to ensure the stability of the nutrient content of fertilizer products and the quality of products.
Although in the long run,the large use of organic fertilizer is a trend,but in terms of crop yield requirements,chemical fertilizer still occupies a large market,so organic-inorganic compound fertilizer is a good transition,not only has the advantages of chemical fertilizer to ensure crop yield,but also the advantages of organic fertilizer to ensure product quality.
When producing the fertilizer into granular,the fertilizer granulator machine is the main fertilizer machines are used in a complete fertilizer production line.More other type fertilizer granulator machine can be used to produce the organic-inorganic compound fertilizer granulator.For example,the roller press granulator machine to produce the compound fertilizer granulator and so on.As a whole,producing the organic-inorganic fertilizer granulator,we can using the fertilizer manufacturing technology to finish a complete fertilizer production process.As the fertilizer machine manufacturer,we designed the organic fertilizer machine and inorganic fertilizer machines are used in the organic fertilizer production line or compound fertilizer production line to produce the organic or inorganic fertilizer production line.Using the fertilizer machines to finish the producing process of the organic fertilizer granulating not only simplify the producing process,it also improve the workking efficient.