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Organic fertilizer granulator and raw materials types

 Organic fertilizer to be made into granulator by using the fertilizer granulator machine.The raw materials type of producing the organic fertilizer is also differnt.The application scope of organic fertilizer granulator:pig manure disc granulation proccess.Disc granulation process of sludge bio organic fertilizer.Disc granulation process of organic microbial fertilizer for livestock manure.Disc granulation process of organic manure.The technology of pelletilizing cow manure organic fertilizer with disk.
Disc granulator fertilizer manufacturiing process of chicken manure organic fertiizer.Disc granulation process of industrial waste organic fertilizer.There we talk about the production of pig manure organic fertilizer and chicken manure organic fertilizer production.
1.Market analysis of organic fertilizer
With the continuous improvement of people's living,people also put forward new reuired for the quality of food,“pollution-free”has become the standars for people to measure the quality and safety of food and vegetables.Therefore,the application of organic fertilizer green food by the majority of consumers love.It also provides a broad development space for organic fertilizer. With the rapid development of industry and agriculture and the city, a large number of urban garbage, waste and livestock manure in the farm are discharged, which brings great harm to the surrounding ecological environment and the prevention and control of epidemic diseases. Therefore, the use of livestock manure, domestic garbage and waste sludge to produce organic fertilizer not only beautifies the environment, but also turns waste into treasure, which is a national vigorously promoted project.
roller press granulator
2.Source of raw materials:local materials,agricultural and sidline product waste,livestock and poultry manure,paper mill sludge,water treatment plant sludge,peat,bone meal,cake,bagasse,weathered coal,peat soil,and so  on.These raw materials to be used to make fertilizer granulator by using the fertilizer granulator.In organic fertilizer production line,we can use the rotary drum granulator.
Types of organic fertilizer:Straw type organic fertilizer,livestock manure type organic fertilizer,humic acid type organic fertilizer,domestic waste,sludge type organic fertilizer ,slag type organic fertilizer and organic-inorganic compound fertilzer.Producing these granulator using different type fertilizer granulator machine,the roller press granulator machine can be used in npk compound fertilizer granulator or organic-inorganic fertilizer granulator.