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Composting and organic fertilizer technology

 Before producing the orgnic fertilizer,we are first to use the organic fertilizer machine--fermentation compost turner machine to compost the raw mateirals.What relationship between the composting and organic fertilizer technology?The raw materials of commerical organic fertilizer come from a wide range of source,most of which are from plant residues and livestock  manure.After processing,they are applied to the soil to provide nutrition for plants.Through a series of fertilizer manufacturing process operation of the organic fertilizer processing and production equipment,the toxic and harmful substances are eliminated and a large number of benefical nutrients are enriched.
In the past,agricultural production was over dependent on chemical fertilizer,and the proportion of organic fertilizer application in fertilizer decreased rapidly from 50% to about 20% at present.Facing the arrival of zero growth era of chemical fertilizer,it is urgent to promote composting technology and develop organic fertilizer industry.It is reported that compost,as a traditional way of self production of fertilizer in agriculture,has  gradually moved towards international standardization.Composting technology is the key to the recycling of organic matter and circular agriculture,and it is also the bridge and link to realize the recycling of resources in the field of agricultural production.It plays an important role  in improving the utilization rate of agricultural resources,improving the quality of ecological environment and realizing the recycling agriculture and sustainable development.The relevant words familiar to Chinese fertilizer market are commerical organic fertilizer and a series of organic fertilizers derived therefrom.Composting of organic wastes,including straw,livestock manure,grain processing by-productss,cake,municipal sludge,kitchen waste, produce organic fertilizer,bio organic fertilizer,organic-inorganic compound fertilizer,soil conditioner,organic liquid fertilizer,etc.can realize partial replacement of chemical fertilizer.
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All organic waste comes from land and should be returned to land,which is the core concept of circular agriculture and sustainable agricultur.The development of compost technology is not only to realize partial replacement of fertilizer,but also to promote the overall upgrading of fertilizer industry.Under the backgrund of zero growth of fertilizer,the research,development and application of new organic fertilizer products based on composting technology will be one of the focuses of fertilizer industry in the furture.It is of great significance to look for organic fertilizer resources to replace chemical fertilizer for promoting the divesification of fertilizer structure,ensuring food security and envirm=onmental protection.After composting raw materials using the fertilizer granulator machine to make the fertilizer into granulator is more easier and convenient.