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Organic fertilizer fermentation equipment-compost turning machine

The key equipment of organic fertilizer production is fermentation equipment, which determines the quality of organic fertilizer fermentation in the early stage. There are three common fermentation modes: strip fermentation, tank fermentation and tower fermentation.

Production and Fermentation of Organic Fertilizer
Strip stacking fermentation is a common way for small and medium-sized farmers. Its characteristics are large area, long production cycle of about two months, but the process is simple, the fermentation equipment is simple, and the cost is low. This fermentation type is suitable for small-scale farms, far away from urban areas, with a certain amount of land available for composting.

Trough fermentation is also suitable for low temperature areas and colder climates because it can establish enclosure structure in the fermentation tank. Tank-type organic fertilizer fermentation covers one third of the area of strip-type fermentation. The fermentation period and cost are between strip-type fermentation and tower-type fermentation. The fermentation efficiency is greatly improved in 15-30 days.

Tower fermentation has less application, its characteristics are the smallest area, the highest efficiency, the fermentation cycle is only a week, but the investment is large, equipment costs and equipment maintenance costs are the highest. 

Strip stacking fermentation equipment. Walking turner is generally required for strip type fermentation. The walking turner has the advantages of flexibility, simplicity, large capacity and good air permeability. However, it is necessary to keep the distance between the stack and the stack, and at the same time, the material should have a certain stacking angle, so it occupies a larger area. The windrow composting turner produced by our factory has the advantages of low price, good reliability and simple operation.
windrow compost turner machine

Tank fermentation equipment. The equipment needed for tank fermentation is the trough compost turner, which has the advantages of large capacity, small area, simple operation and unmanned driving. However, due to the need to build fermentation tanks, resulting in fixed fermentation field, there are certain requirements for fermentation infrastructure. The air permeability of tank fermentation is not as good as that of strip stacking. Tank fermentation turning machine can increase the air permeability.
The compost turning machine has the function of smashing and stirring, which is suitable for feces, dregs and fermentation products with more fibers and less viscosity. This can save the raw material stirring and smashing these pretreatment processes and reduce the organic fertilizer production link. The trough type compost turning machine is mostly driven by motors because it travels on a fixed track. It is very convenient and saves manpower.
double screws compost turner

Tower fermentation equipment. In the tower fermentation process, after the cow manure is dehydrated or decontaminated, the auxiliary material and the microbial agent are mixed and stirred, and then transported to the top of the fermentation tower by the belt conveyor, and then the tower is turned once a day, and the fermentation process is completed after 7 days. The tower type fermentation has the characteristics of full heat utilization, fast fermentation speed, low energy consumption, fast deodorization, good production environment, not affected by climate, small area and high automation. The equipment for the tower type fermentation is automatically operated from organic matter mixing, feeding, feeding and discharging, and continuous feeding and discharging. But the fermentation tower equipment not only cost expensive, and the maintenance cost is also very high, therefore gradually eliminated.