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Technology of producing fertilizer by rotary drum granulator

Rotary drum granulator overcomes many unfavorable factors such as proportioning, particle forming and yield in the granulating process of disc granulator. Drum granulator is the preferred granulating equipment for the production of high concentration compound fertilizer. Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co.,Ltd. has produced an improved drum granulator through many years of research and experiments. It has made great progress in the granulation technology of compound fertilizer production.

Drum granulator features
Rotary drum granulator is a new generation of rotary drum granulator developed by our factory after years of experience in compound fertilizer production. The granulator is suitable for cold and hot granulation and large-scale production of high, medium and low concentration compound fertilizers with the following advantages.
1. The fertilizer granulation equipment has the advantages of low investment, high output, low production cost and low energy consumption.
2. The drum granulator has the advantages of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, stable operation, convenient maintenance, reasonable layout of fertilizer production line and advanced technology.
3. The strength of the particles is high and the appearance of the particles is good.
4. Rotary drum granulator uses special rubber plate or acid-resistant stainless steel as lining plate to prevent material from bonding and corrosion.
drum granulator
When the material enters the entrance of the drum granulator, immediately open the steam pipe valve and add steam. The wet material gathers together with the cylinder to form particles. In the drum granulation production line, the change of material 2m away from the outlet should be paid close attention to. If the material here has become large particles, it means that the feeding speed is too slow or the steam volume is too large, one of the parameters should be adjusted until appropriate; if the material here is still powdery, it means that the feeding speed is too fast or the steam volume is too small, it should be adjusted in time. The forming rate of fertilizer granules can be measured by hand, that is, the material at the end of the drum can be kneaded by hand. If the granules are loose when kneaded, it shows that the granules meet the requirements and the forming rate of the granules is high. If the granules are still clustered when kneaded, the granules are still clustered after loosening, indicating that the material is too wet and the forming rate of the granules is poor, at this time, some calcium, magnesium and phosphorus fertilizers should be sprinkled evenly at the exit of the granulator in time to adjust the dry humiditu of the mixture. The unqualified particles were screened out and re-entered the fertilizer production line for granulation.

Rotary drum granulator can produce fertilizer, which avoids many shortcomings of disc granulation. Rotary drum fertilizer production process is continuous, energy saving, environmental protection, labor saving, reducing production costs and improving economic benefits.