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Bio organic fertilizer replace farm manure

The fertilizer manufacturing technology developed fast and more and more organic fertilizer machine to be designed and used in organic fertilizer production line to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.The traditional producing method can be replaced by using the bio organic fertilizer.Why the bioorganic fertilizer replacing farm manure?
What are the characteristics of bio organic fertilizer as high quality fertilizer?What are the differences between bio organic fertilizer and farmyard fertilizer?Let's explain the differences from two aspects?
1.Compared with chemical fertilizer which can be produced in the fertilizer manufacturing process,bio organic fertilizer has complete nutrient elements and only one or several nutrient elements.2)Bio organic fertilizer can improve the soil;fertilizer often used will cause soil hardening.3)Bio organic fertilizer can improve the quality of products;excessive application of chemical fertilizer leads to poor quality of products.4)Bio organic fertilizer can improve the rhizosphere microbial population and improve the resistance of plants to diseases and insects;chemical fertilizer is single microbial population of crops,prone to disease and insect pests.5)Bio organic fertilizer can promote the utilization of chemical fertilizer and improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer;the use of chemical fertilizer alone is easy to cause nutrient fixation and loss.
2.The differences between bio organic fertilizer and farmyard manure(traditional organic fertilizer):1)the mortality rate of eggs is over 95 when bio organic fertilizer is completely manure;the mortality rate of eggs is low when farmyard manure is simply stacked.2)Bio organic fertilizer is odorless;farmyard manure is odorous.3)The application of bio organic fertilizer is convenient and uniform;the application of farmyard fertilizer is convenient and uneven.
fertilizer granulator machine
Producing the bio organic fertilizer into granulator using the disc granulator machine or te rotary drum granulator machine.What advantages of bio organic fertilizer:
1.Completely rotten,not burning roots,not rooten seedings;
2.Bioorganic fertilizer through high temperature decay,killing most of the pathogens and eggs,reduce the occurence of disease and pests;
3.Bio organic fertilizer contains benefical bacteria,which can reduce the occurence of disease due to the occupying effect of bacteria;
4.The nutrient content of bio organic fertilizer is high;
5.Bio organic fertilizer has light odor and almost odor after deodorization.
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