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Rotary drum technology proucing compound fertilizer

The method of producing the compound fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer maufacturing process,and there a point need to be noticed that the fertilizer granulator machine is a factor fertilizer equipment to produce th compound fertilizer granulator.The rotary drum granulator,disc granulator,and the roller press granulator machine are designed for producing the compound fertilizer granulator.And the principle of producing the compound fertilizer granulator are different using the different fertilizer granulator machine.Taking the ratary drum granulator as an example to talk more about the npk fertilizer production.
Compound fertilizer can supply nutrients to crops in a comprehensive way.The production process is to combine the main nutrients(such as the npk and other trace elements)required by chemical process to concentrate nitrogen,phosphate,potashate and other chemicals together.Particles that are suitable for cultivation are applied to the soil and the desired nutrients are absorbed from the soil by the crop.The npk fertilizer production line is designed for producing the npk,compound fertilizer grranulator and in the fertilizer production line the rotary drum granulator is equipped. fertilizer of processing the compound fertilizer granulator firstly need to ready the raw material ingredients,then using the fertilizer mixer machine to mixing the raw material.After mixing the raw material using the fertilizer granulator machine to make the fertilizer granulator for rotary drum granulator.After granulating ,if it is necessary for coating,it can use the coating machine to coat the fertilizer granulator.Finaly using the fertilizer packing machine to pack it.
The processing of the compound fertilizer granulator is mainly use the structure of the rotary drum granulator,and it is suitable for large scale production of cold,hot granulation and high,medium and low concentration compound fertilizers.The machine has the high granulating rate,high granule strength and it is a mature granulation equipment solution in the industry.
The technology of producing the compound fertilizer and npk fertilizer granulator is now developed mature and the fertilizer granulator machine are also designed for producing the different fertilizer granulator by the fertilizer machine manufacturers.
Supply the 3D video of the rotary drum granulator production to help you can learn more information: