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The application of npk fertilizer granulator

The npk fertilizer production is designed for producing the npk fertilizer granulator.And the fertilizer manufacturing process is continuouslly development.Why many fertilizer producer like to produce the npk fertilizer granulato?How to apply to the npk  fertilizer granulator?What role of the npk fertilizer production designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers in the process of producing the npk fertilizer granulator?
The application:The npk fertilizer is a compound fertilizer,which is also called a kind of chemical fertilizer.The fertilizer granulator is a kind of chemical fertilizer widely used in all over the world.Besides,the npk fertilizer is concluded the three main ra materials and every materials plays an different role in the process of using.
Nitrogen fertilizer
Can do nitrogen fertilizer: urea, ammonia.
Urea is the first organic compound synthesized, widely existed in nature, such as fresh manure containing urea 0.4%.
Urea is suitable for base fertilizer and top dressing, and sometimes used as seed fertilizer. Urea is molecular state before conversion, can not be adsorbed by soil, should prevent loss with water; ammonia formed after conversion is also volatile, so urea should be applied deep Covering soil
2. Phosphate fertilizer
It is called phosphorus fertilizer. Phosphorus is the main nutrient fertilizer. The size and speed of fertilizer efficiency are determined by the effective phosphorus pentoxide content, soil properties, fertilizer release methods, crop types and so on.
2. Phosphate fertilizer is a fertilizer containing phosphorus in the nutrient element produced by phosphate rock.
Phosphate fertilizer can also promote the growth of roots of plants at the seedling stage, so that the plants mature early. When the plants are in the result, the phosphorus is transferred to the grains in a large amount, so that the seeds are full.
3. Potash
Potassium is the main nutrient element of plants, and it is also one of the three factors that often affect crop yields due to insufficient supply. The potassium content of crops is similar to that of nitrogen and higher than that of phosphorus. In many high-yield crops, potassium content Exceeding the nitrogen content. Potassium is different from nitrogen and phosphorus. It is not a component of organic compounds in plants. So far, potassium-containing organic compounds have not been found in plants. Potassium is dissolved in plant juices in an ionic state, and its main function is The metabolism of plants is related.
Potassium can promote photosynthesis, and potassium deficiency can weaken photosynthesis. Potassium can significantly increase the absorption and utilization of nitrogen by plants, and it can be quickly converted into protein. Potassium can also promote plant economic water. Because potassium ions can accumulate more in Among the crop cells, the osmotic pressure is increased and the water is moved from the low concentration soil solution to the high concentration root cells. When the potassium supply is sufficient, the crop can effectively utilize the water and keep it in the body, reducing the moisture. Transpiration.
Another characteristic of potassium is to contribute to the stress resistance of crops. One of the important physiological functions of potassium is to enhance the regulation of cells on environmental conditions. Potassium can enhance the tolerance of plants to various adverse conditions, such as drought, low temperature, Salt content, pest damage, lodging, etc.
The most common symptom of potassium deficiency in plants is the burnt shape along the leaf margin. First, it starts from the lower old leaves and gradually expands to the upper part. The potassium-deficient plants grow slowly, the roots develop poorly. The stems are fragile and often appear to fall. Seeds and fruits Small and dry wrinkles. Plants have low resistance to disease.
Next ,we talk about the production of the npk fertrilizer.
Producing the npk fertilizer granulator is not compolex as the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,it is equipped with the fertilizer mixer machine,fertilizer crusher machine and fertilizer granulator machine.The different type fertilizer granulator machine are designed for producing different type fertilizer granulator.For example,the rotary drum granulator is equipped in the npk fertilize production to produce the npk fertilizer granulator.The process of producing the npk fertilizer is just need to crush the raw material and then mixing them together using the fertilizer mixer machine,and next to make granulator using the rotary drum granulator.If nccessar using the coating machine to coat the fertilizer granulator.