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Method for applying bio fertilizer

Fertilizer granulator machine can be used to produce all types of fertilizer granulator,but when we using the different type fertilizer granulator,we need to notice something that we should choose the suitable methods.Today we can simplely disscuess the using method of using the bio fertilizer granulator.In the bio fertilizer production process,we using the complete fertilizer production line producing the high quality fertilizer granulator and when we using the bio fertilizer granulator,there are needed to  choose some suitable methods.
The live bacteria contained in the microbial fertilizer can only function after entering the soil,and there are certain carbon and nitrogen requirements for growth and repuction.Therefore,early application of microbical fertilizers is a relatively good method.Keep the soil moist after application.
The using of the bio fertilizer granulator is relatively simple,and we just need to notice the environment of using the fertilizer granulator.As the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,we not only design the new fertilizer machines,we also need to improve the fertilizer machines to make the fertilizer machines can be suitable for different type fertilizer granulator using method to advoid the fertilizer using problem as soon as possible.