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The advantages of the bio fetilizer granulator

 The fertilizer granulator can be divided into organic fertilizer granulator and compound fertilizer granulator.And what's more,the bio organic fertilizer granulator is also can be as a kind of organic fertilizer granulator.So what relationships of the bio organic fertilizer granulator and the organic fertilizer granulator ,compound fertilizer granulator?
Fistly,we talk them the common characteristics:Whatever the bio organic fertilizer granulator or the organic fertilizer granulator,they are all a kind of organic fertilizer granulator.When making them using the fertilizer manufacturing process,we need to be first ferment the raw material and then using the fertilizer crusher machine and fertilizer mixer machine to make granulator.But they all different from the compound fertilizer granulator.The compound fertilizer granulator is a kind of single fertilizer granulator,and the npk fertilizer production is simple compared to the organic fertilizer granulator.In the process of making the fertilizer granulator,they all can use the new type organic fertilizer granulator,which is a kind of fertilizer granulator to make the organic fertilizer granulator.
Then,we talk the differences between the organic fertilizer granulator and the bio organic fertilizer granulator.The big differences of them may be the fertilizer manufacturing process.The bio fertillizer production is also designed for producing the bio organic fertilizer granulator.And the application of the bio organic fertilizer granulator are also different from the organic fertilizer granulator,which is made by the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.
The advantages of the bio organic fertilizer granulator:
1. Improve crop yield and improve crop quality
Biofertilizers convert inorganic compounds in the soil into organic compounds that are beneficial to plant growth while improving soil structure. The application of bio-fertilizer can not only increase crop yield and improve its quality, but also has high economic benefits.
2. Reduce production cost: The purpose of biological fertilizer application is to make full use of certain characteristics of microorganisms and increase the content of effective nutrients in the soil. Therefore, when mixed with biological fertilizers, the application amount of chemical fertilizers is also small, which can effectively save the cost of fertilizer application. . Of course, since the activity of microorganisms in biological fertilizers needs to consume a certain amount of energy, only the bio-fertilizer can exert the effect of increasing production based on the application of organic fertilizer and suitable fertilizer. Therefore, bio-fertilizer cannot replace organic fertilizer and fertilizer, and intelligence is an aid. fertilizer.
3. Enhance soil fertility: Some specific bio-fertilizers can fix nitrogen in the air, increase the nitrogen content of the soil, and provide nitrogen for crop growth; the microorganisms in the fertilizer can accelerate the decomposition of organic matter after the straw is returned to the field, thereby improving The benefits of straw returning to the field.
The fertilizer manufacturing process can be designed for every different type fertilizer granulator,and we just need to be noticed that the choice of the fertilizer granulator machine.