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Using cow dung producing organic fertilizer technology

The raw materials  of producing the organic fertilizer are widely.Such as the livestock manure,sludge,life waste and so on.Making the raw material fermentation and a series dealing you can get some useful material and the using of the waste can made the waste into treasure.So taking the cow manure as an example to share how to produce organic fertilizer using the raw material.
Firstly,using the fermentation compost turning machine making the cow manure to be fermented sometime.The composted cow dung has been harmless and stabilized.and has reached the basic conditions for the utilization of organic fertilizer.Then making the fermented raw material into the crusher machine crushing.After crushing,mixing the cow dung with other material that you need ,and put into the fertilizer granulator.Drying the temperature and after screening you can get the finished product.However,its applicaction effect and application range still have certain limitations.Therefore,it is necessary to pass the compost material through the follow-up system.The fertilizer process is further pocessed into powdered or granulated organic fertilizers and organic-inorganic compound fertilizers.