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New type organic fertilizer production project flow

New type organic fertilizer production is designed by the fertilizer machine designers to be used to make thee new type organic fertilizer granulator.By the fertilizer manufacturing process technology to make the fertilizer granulator automatically.Different type fertilizer machines are equipped in the line to make the fertilizer.So share with you about the new type organic fertilizer production project flow.
The main raw materials for organic fertilizer production include pig manure,cow manure,chicken manure,etc.The ingredients include straw,charcoal,peat,rice husk,etc.
The organic fertilizer manufacturing process production mainly includes fermentation,throwing,crushing,compounding and mixing of organic materials,granulation,drying,cooling,screening,metering and packaging.The specific production process is as follows:
1.Fermentation process:The three combined horizontal anaerobic fermentation equipment(patent equipment) is used to add thee biological bacteria to the pre fermented materials,so that the fermentation temperature is controlled between  50-60 ℃. After fermentation,the color is dark brown,no fecal odor but compost door.
2.Compound process section:
(1)Crushing:Crushing the ingredients(straw,bean,cake,bone meal etc) and crushing the inorganic fertilizer.
(2)Material compounding and mixing:Formulas of organic and inorganic materials are mixed according to different series of products.
3.Granulation process:
(1)The fermented organic materials were dried,crushed and screened after 1 day of storage.
(2)Composition and mixing:In the process of making series of special fertilizers,inorganic nutrients and minerals with concentrated organic matter and trace elements are added according to different soil conditions and different crops, so that fertilizers contain nutrients such as nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium,sodium and so on,which are necessary for plant growth.According to the formula,the nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium and fermented materials were mixed by computer,and then transported to the granulator for granulation.
(3)Granulation:Select suitable new organic fertilizer for granulation.In organic fertilzier production,there are a lot of organic matter,cellulose,poor forming conditions and adding live bacteria with fertilizer function.It is not suitable to contact high temperature in the production process.The production of organic fertilizer can adopt the production of new organic fertilizer,which is suitable for the production of new organic fertilizer granulator.The series new type organic fertilzier granulator utilizes high-speed rotating mechanical stirring force and the resulting aerodynamic force to continuously mix,granulate,spheroidize and densify fine powdery materials in the granulator,so as to achieve the purpose of granulation.The fertilizer granulator machine are used to produce the organic fertilzier granulator also can use the flat die granulator machine.The machine is also designed for producing the organic fertilizer granulator.Sometimes,the rotary drum granulator and the disc granulator also can be used in producing organic fertilizer granulator,or the machines also can be used in npk fertilizer production.
organic fertilizer manufacturing process
The new type organic fertilizer granulator is a new type fertilizer which is designed and it include many different type,like the organic fertilizer granulator,bio fertilizer granulator and microbal fertilizer granulator.We are as the fertilizer machine manufacturers,we are not only produce the high quality fertilizer  machines,we also supply  designing technology of the fertilizer production line.Any problems you have,you can leave a message for us,and we will apply to you as soon as possible.