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Application methods of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer

 We can produce the organic fertilizer granulator and inorganic fertilizer granulator.And different type fertilizer have different fertilizer effect.When we produce the organic fertilizer and inorganic compound fertilizer,we can use them together to play more fertilizer effect.But when we mix use the organic fertilizer and inorganic  fertilizer,we need to know the methods of using organic-inorganic compound fertilizer.
The producing of the organic fertilizer granulator and the inorganic compound fertilizer granulator we can realize by using the fertilizer manfuacturing process.The different type fertilizer production line to make different type fertilizer granulator are designed for producing the organic fertilizer granulator or inorganic compound fertilizer,like the npk fertilizer production line is designed for producing the npk,compound fertilizer granulator.Using the machines to make the fertilizer not only improve the working efficiency,it also make the process of making the fertilizer become into simple.So how we to use the organic fertilizer-inorganic fertilizer ?
1.Application method:It can be used as base fertilizer,topdressing fertilizer and seed fertilizer.However,for seed fertilizer,especially in strip,point and hole application,direct contact with seeds shpuld be avoided,organic matter degradation and adverse effects of vhemical fertilizers on seed germination should be avoided.
2.Dosage of application:when applying organic-inorganic compound fertilizer,factors such as soil and crop must be taken into account at the same time.Although organic-inorganic compound fertilizer contains a certain amount of organic matter and nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium nutrients,it has a certain role in improving soil fertility and nutrient release,but its role is limited,so attention should be paid to the input of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer supplement.According to the content and proportion of active ingredients in fertilizer,the reasonable amount of fertilizer is determined according to soil nutrients,crop species and crop growth and development.
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Notice that organic-inorganic compound fertilizer is different from pure organic fertilizer.It added some chemical fertilizer in the fertilizer manufacturing process.Chloride ions in chemical fertilizers are harmful to some crops.When selecting fertilizers ,attention should be paid to whether they are labeled on the outer packaging,so as to avoid the loss of crop yield and crop yield caused by chlorine-containing fertilizers.