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How to design the bio fertilizer production?

 Fertilizer manufacturing process are designed help the fertilizer producer save more mony and time for the investor of producing fertilizer granulator.Because the technology is equipped with the suitable fertilizer machines and the fertilizer producer just need to use and produce fertilizer granulator.In this article,we will share the bio fertilizer production with you.And we how to design the fertilizer can produce the high quality fertilizer granulator?
Why we design the bio fertilizer production?Firstly,the bio fertilizer granulator are used widely in all over the world.And then the bio-organic fertilizer project has a short construction period,high return on investment,low risk and short payback period.General production process design includes:
1.Efficient compound strains and their expansion techniques.
2.Advanced raw materials and blending technology and biological fermentation system.
3.The best special fertilizer formula technology(the flexibility to design the best combination f product formula according to the local soil and crop characteristics)
4.Reasonable secondary pollution control technology.
5.Fertilizer complete set of process equipment and fertilizer producing technology.
As the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,we designed a complete bio fertilizer production line based on the characteristics of bio organic fertilizer granulator.In this complete fertilizer production line,it mainly includes theļ¼šfermentation system,deodorization and dust removal system,crushing system,batching system,mixing system,granulationg system and finished system(poisonous treatments of poultry manure,etc).In this complete fertilizer producing process,we need to notice that the choice of the fertilizer granulator machine.Because different type fetilizer granulator machines are designed for producing different type fertilizer granulator.For producing the high quality fertilizer granulator,we need to chose the suitable type fertilizer machine to produce the different fertilizer granulator.Our engineers design the new type organic fertilizer granulator mahine,which is mainly used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.The bio organic fertilizer is also a kind of organic fertilizer granulator,so in the line it is equipped the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine to produce thee high quality bio organic fertilizer granulator.What's more,we also haave the flat die granulator machine can be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator,and the rotary drum granulator,disc granulator and roller press granulator machine can be used to produce the npk fertilizer granulator.
As a whole,in the process of producing the organic fertilizer granulator,choosing the suitable fertilizer granulator machine is a factor.