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New type organic fertilizer granulator machine

 With the development of the farming and the using of the fertilizer granulator,the farmer realized that overusing the chemical fertilizer also have many disadvantages to the products.So the organic fertilizer have been developed.Many new type organic fertilizer granulator are also produced to put into the market.Organic fertilizer granulator is developed more new type and the new type organic fertilizer is also can be produced by the new designed fertilizer granulator machine.
new type organic fertilizer production line
The new type of organic fertilizer granualtor  makes use of the high speed roating mechanical stirring force and the reaulting aeridynamic force to make thee fine powder material in the machine continuously realize mixing,pelletizing,spherification,densification and other processes,so as to achieve the purpose of granulation.The particle shape is spherical,the spherical degree over 0.7,the particle size is generally between0.3-3mm,the granulation rate over 90%,the particle diameter can be appropriately addjusted through the material mixing amount and the spindle speed,usually the lower the mixing amount,the higher the rotation speed,the smaller the particle,and vice versa.The common application:this new type fertrilizer granulator machine is suitable for granulating light fine powder materials.The finer the basic particle of fine powder material,the higher the sphericity of the particle and the better the pellet quality.Typical application materials:chicken manure,pig manure,cow manure,charcoal,clay and so on.
On the organic fertilizer raw materials livestock manure urine,compost fertilizer,green fertilizer,sea fertilizer,cake fertilizer,peat soil manure,three wastes,microorganisms and other muncipial soild waste organic fermentation granulation,particles for pellets.The qualified granulation rate of this machine is up to 80-90%,which is suitable for different formulations.The comprehensive strength of organic fertilzier is higher than the disc granulator and rotary drum granulator,and the large ball rate  is lower than 15%.This machine is most suitable for direct granulation of organic fertilzier after fermentation,saving drying process and greatly reducing manufacturing cost.Now this new type of wet organic fertilizer granulator by the majority of users love.
This new type organic fertilizer also can be produced by the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,which is designed for producing the organic fertilizer granulator.In the fertilizer production line,all types of fertilizer machines which are suitable for producng the organic fertilizer ganulator are equipped.Like the fermentation compost turner machine to be used to ferment the raw material.
In furture,the organic fertilizer granulator will be used for more widely,because the organic agricultural is developing,which it will improve the using of the organic fertilizer.More fertilizer machines are designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers to make more different type organic fertilizer granulator.