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Maintenance method for new type organic fertilizer granulator machine

The fertilizer granulator machine is mainly used to make fertilizer into granulator.Different type and series to be designed which it also to be used in different type fertilizer manufacturing process.But how can we main the machine in using process?There are several maintenance method for fertilizer granulator machine.There we take the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine as an example to state the method of maintenance fertilizer machine.
The new type organic fertilizer granulator machine is newly developed rotating stirring gear granulator.Compared with the traditional rotating granulator,it has a full and round discharge particle size,high yield,high performaced and stable operation.It is widely used in the organic fertilizer production line at present.
Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology CO.LTD is the professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer,the quality of our new compound fertilizer granulator is guaranteed,the after-sales severice decision makes you satisfied,in case of any unexpected stuation,we guarantee to respond to the same day and deal with the abnormal situation in time.We also have professional engineers to provide you with the operation procedures and maintenance instructions of the equipment.Here are some key maintenance points for you,so that your new type organic fertilizer granulator machine can produce efficiency.
1.Heat preseveration
Because of the climate and environment,the transmission part of the new compound fertilizer granulator will start slowly or fail to start due to freezing,which requires that the workplace of the new type organic fertilizer granulator or the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine itself must have certain heat preservation measures.The raw materials used in the new type organic fertilizer antifreeze treatment is also very important for the winter use of the new  type organic fertilizer granulator.
2.Use specifical lubricating oil
Low temperature and skilled use frequency may cause the lubricating oil to meet freezing retention,which will affect the lubricating oil supply of the new type organic fertilizer granulator.Adding lubricating oil to the popular new type organic fertilizer granulator in time can maintain better use effect.
3.Regular inspection and maintenance
According to the manufacturer's instructions,after the equipment has been running for a period of time,stop the machine to check the cleanness of its transmission system,lubrication system and main positions.Regular inspection is the basis to eensure the stability of the machine.If problems are found,repair them in time.Never let the new type organic fertilizer  granulator work with faults.This will not only reduce efficiency,but also cause damage to the equipment.
The fertilizer granulator machine besides the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine,there are included the rotary drum granulator machine,ring die granulator,and flat die granulator machine to be designed.There are different type fertilizer machine to be used different reparing method in different fertilizer production line.