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The characteristic of fertilizer granulator machine

 Fertilizer granulator machine is the main equipment when making fertilizer granulator.It is designed for different type and series.Every series has different characteristics in different fertilizer manufacturing process.Due to the wide source of organic fertilizer,the properties of organic fertilizer are different.There are many models of organic fertilizer granulator in the organic fertilizer market,such as roller extrusion granulator,disk granulator,new type organic fertilizer granulator,and flat die granulator and so on.For the model wether the choice is reasonable directly affects the quality of granular organic fertilizer.
First of all,we should know the advantages and disadvantages of types of organic fertilizer granulator.
1.The roller press granulator belongs to dry granulation,which does not need drying process,has high granulation density,good fertilizer effect and full organic matter content;it also saves money on purchasing dryer and cooler,and it does not need to burn coal in the later stage,so a large part of money is saved.However,the extrusion granulator is oblate,which is easy to jam when the field crops are sown by machine,and the fluidity is not very good.Therefore,if the organic fertilizer produced by the machine farmers is used carefully,it is suggested to selected the compound fertilizer and compound fertilizer.
2.The rotary drum granulator is a process which has been in the granulation of compound fertilizer,and it can also be used in the production of organic fertilizer,but the granulation rate is relatively low.If the production of organic-inorganic fertilizer,this process can be selected.
3.The disc granulator is a tradtional process,which has smooth output and good selling performance.The only disadvantage is its low density.
4.New type organic fertilizer granulator which this type granulator is the hottest product sold in our factory,and it is also the product favored by customers.This process has high output and smooth treatment.If organic is added fertilizer throwing round machine,granulation can be compared with disk granulation.
5.The particles produced by the flat die granulator machine  are relatively uniform.The two-stage combined polishing roller is used to make one-time ball,with no return material,high density,low moisture content,moderate hardness and low bag damage rate.
fertilizer granulator machine
These different type fertilizer granulator machie are to be equipped in different type fertilizer manufacturing process.When purchasing organic fertilizer granulator,it should be determined according to the fertilizer sales market.It should be different in particle shape,equipment configuration and manufacturing cost and price.Zhenzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology the professional fertilizer machine manufacturer of producing the fertilizer machine,we also can supply the customerized severice for your needs.