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How to improve the granulation rate of rotary drum granulator

Using the fertilizer granulator machine to make the fertilizer into granulator is a quick and convenient method.In different type fertilizer manufacturing process,using different type fertilizer granulator machine to finish the production process.How can we to improve the rate of rotary drum granulator?The rotary drum granulator machine is usually to be used in organic fertilizer production line.Sometimes,it also can be used in npk fertilizer production line to make compound fertilizer granulator.
The rotary drum granulator is a common granulator in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,which mainly uses high temperature steam to make raw materials humidified to the granulation state.After the granulation of new type organic fertiliizer drum granulator,the particle temperature is very high.In the next drying process of organic fertilizer particles,the heat energy consumption of drying is saved,which is not efficient and engery-saving,and the granulation rate is up to more than 90%.
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In order to improve the granulation rate of the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine of rotary drum,in addition to selecting a high quality product,the granulation rate and output of the granulator can also be improved by optimizing the operation details.Now in this article,professional fertilizer machine manufacturer will introduce to you how to improve the granulation rate of new organic fertilizer drum granulator:
First,the time and frequency of material rolling in the new type of organic fertilizer drum granulator is the primary factor to determine the pelletilizing rate and particle roundness.The principle of rotating drum granulation is that the material depends on the surface tension,the appropriate liquid phase,the extrusion pressure generated by rolling between materials,and the correct movent direction of the material in the granulator is centrated on small particles,which absorbed and adhere to the ball in the rolling process.The higher the rolling frequency in a certain period of time,the higher the pelletilization rate is,the rounder the particles will be after forming.In the process of production,we have encountered two situations due to the different friction between the material and the barrel wall of the granulator.
1.The internal surface finish of the granulator is large,which reduces the friction between the material and the cylinder wall and weakens the upward movement force of the material.If the material does not roll,it will produce particles.In view of this situation,we can solve it by adjusting the rotating speed of the new type organic fertilizer drum granulator and installing a small-scale plate inside.
2.The material in the organic fertilizer rotary drum granulator sticks to the wall seriously,the friction between the material in the granulator and the cylinder wall is enhanced,and the material in the granulator is lifted too high,which causes the material to be thrown down from the top,until the particles formed are not round and too many large particles.We think there are two reasons for this situation:on the one hand,there are too manu sticky materials in the raw materials,which we adopt in the fertilizer manufacturing process.On the other hand,the inside of the granulator is not smooth,which can be solved by changing the inside material and increasing the inside finish of the granulator.
3.The stable material quantity and uiniform liquid distribution in the drum granulator of new organic fertilizer are the key to the produce qualified particles.
The design of compound fertilizer production by roating drum granulation is that there is a steam pipe embeded in the feed bed,and a spray pipe is aranged above the feed bed.Under the condition of stable production supply,the saturated provides part of water whicle providing heat,which increases the moisture content of the material.Through the use of steam,the temperature and viscosity of the material are increased,so that the moisture content of the material can be reduced in the process of balling,thus reducing the drying load,and the liquid phase distribution of adding steam can be more uniform than adding water.Only when the process of production,we have encountered that because of the unreasonable installation of the steam nozzle and the uneven distribution of the liquid phase of the materials,the places where there are many liquid phase of the materials are stuck into a big ball,and the places where the liquid phase is insufficient,the materials are difficult to form a ball,which affects the formation of the particles.In view of this situation,we can increase the steam nozzle to improve the steam receiving area of materials.
In concclusion,in order to improve the granulation rate of the new type organic fertilizer drum granulator,it is necessary to strictly control the water content,carry out the water ratio according to the provisions of the fertilizer equipment manufacturer,and pay attention to the methods in the production process at ordinary times,so as to improve the granulation rate and output of the new type organic fertilizer drum granulator.
The fertilizer granulator machine besides the rotary drum granulator machine,it also has the roller press granulator machine to be equipped in the npk fertilizer production line.