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Process comparison between disc granulation line and roller press granulator production line

 When producing the organic fertilizer granulator or compound fertilizer granulator,the fertilizer granulator machine is the main fertilizer equipment in the fertilizer production line.And for different type fertilizer manufacturing process method to finish the granulating process.Different type fertilizer granulator machines are designed for producing the granulator.And the disc granulation production line and extrusion granulation production line.
Organic fertilizer  machine is an important fertilizer equipment in the fertilizer manufacturing process.It is responsible for the granulation process in the fertilizer production line,which has a direct impact on the quality of products.What are the differences between the technological advantages of the whole disc pelletilizing production line and the roller press granulator production line.

The main purpose of the organic fertilizer production line is to produce the organic fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer granulator machine.The roundness and evenness of the particles have a certain relationship with the fertilizer and water conservation performancce.As the core fertilizer equipment of the whole fertilizer production line,the disc granulator and the counter roller press granulator are responsible for the granulation stage.According to the classification of the double roller press granulator production lines,the disc pellerilizer adopts the centrifugal pelletilizing process,while the extrusion pelletilizer adopts the roller press granulator production line.
1.Advantages of disc granulation production line:
(1)The disc granulator can directly observe the real-time situation of granulation.The granulation process is abnormal and can be adjusted at any time.
(2)The particle size can be adjusted and the degree of freedom is relatively large.This is because the size of the particle of the particles depends on the inclination and rotation speed of the disc,and the disc granulator can adjust its inclination and rotation speed,so the particle size control range is relatively wide.
(3)The disc granulation profuction line is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises due to its short process flow,uncomplicated process structure and less equipment investment.
2.Advantages of extrusion and granulation production line process
(1)The roller press granulator belongs to dry granulation.During granulaation,it is not necessary to adjust the dry and wet conditions of materials,and no need to add drying equipment inside.
(2)Wide range of granulation.It can be used to process particles containing heat sensitives materials,such as organic fertilizer adding ammonium bicarbonate granulation,etc.
(3)Due to dry granulation,there is no waste water or exhaust gas discharged in the production process.
(4)The process flow of extrusion granulation production line is short,convenient for automatic control and relaticely high production efficiency.
(5)The production flexibility of the roll extrusion granulator is good,and the fertilizer production scheme can be adjusted at any time,which can be used for the production of specifical fertilizer.
(6)Compared with pelletilizing,the size uniformity of twin roll extruder is obviously superior,because the spherical pit of double roller press granulator is the same size.
More other type fertilizer granulator machine can be used to produce the granulator,like the flat die granulator machine to be used in the organic fertilizer granulator.And the rotary drum granulator machine which is designed for producing the organic or inorganic fertilizer granulator.

The disc granulator production line video: