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How to produce water soluble fertilizer?

 In the market,the water soluble fertilizer come out,and in order to produce the fertilizer use the fertilizer manufacturing process,the fertilizer machines are designed in the line to make high quality fertilizer products.So how to produce the water soluble fertilizer?In the fertilizer production line it includes what fertilizer machines?
Water soluble fertilizer raw material composition:water soluble fertilizer contains a large number of elements,such as:nitrogen,phosphorus,potasssium,etc.In addition to a large number of trace elements,water-soluble fertilizers have appropriate trace elements such as iron,manganese,etc.The amount of these nutrients in the middle and late stages of plants growth and the proportional rationality directly determine the quality of the crop.It also contains some other substances.Humic acid and amino acids are two common substances in water-souble fertilizers.Water-soluble fertilizers containing humic acid can improve soil compaction and acidification,improve soil fertility and better promote nutrients such as amino acids.Quick and reasonable absorption.
Water soluble fertilizer production process:
Water-soluble fertilizer,also known as liquid fertilizer,is a new type of quick-acting fertilizer that uses water to fertilizer to achieve high efficiency topdressing.It plays an important role in increasing agricultural production and increasing income.So what is the water soluble fertilizer production process?What raw materials and ingredients are needed?Water-soluble fertilizer equipment system:The fertilizer production technology mainly includes three parts:raw material crushing system,raw material mixing system and finished product packaging system.The production process of water-soluble fertilizers is relatively simple compared to the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.
Firstly,the raw material is crushed by a fertilizer pulverizer and the impurities are filtered.The raw materials are then mixed using a horizontal mixer machine according to the formulation ration.Next,the production is carried out using a water-soluble fertilizer production method,and finally,the fertilizer is packaged.The fertilizer is packaged using an automatic fertilizer packaging machine.
The water soluble fertilizer production line is equipped different fertilizer machines,and the feritlizer machines  designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers are easy to be operated.