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What are the symptoms of crop damage?

Fertilizer machine manufacturers designed the fertilizer machines and more fertilizer machines are different type to make the fertilizer granulator.Although using the fertilizer can bring more advantages,but if we use the fertilizer too much,it will produce some disadvantages.
What are the symptoms of crop damage?Why is it fat?What is the cause of crop damage?
Principles of agricultural crop fat damage
The crop is the protuding part of the root hair epidermal cells that absorbs moisture by osmosis.An infiltration system is formed between the crop root hair cell solution and the soil solution around the root system.Under normal circumstances,the concentration of root hair cell is greater than the concentration of soil solution,and water permetaes from the soil through the root cell protoplasts to the cell fluid,so that the crops form normal physiological absorption and metabolism.Conversely,if the concentration of the soil solution is higher than the concentration of the cell solution,the separater from the cell wall,causing the cells to dry up and stop life activities,leading to wilting and drying.
Now the organic agricultural developed and the fertilizer manufacturing process also developed more quickly.The fertilizer machines are used in the fertilizer production line,producing the high quality fertilizer granulator to be used in the agricultural.Therefore,due to multiple factors,when we use the fertilizer granulator,we should notice that don't use it too much.
There are a video of the npk fertilizer production,you can know more fertilizer manufacturing process more by this video: