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What is the coating fertilizer?

In recent,the new type fertilizer come out,which is called coating fertilizer.What is the coating fertilizer?How to made the coating fertilizer by the fertilizer manufacturing process?Share some information with you in this article.
The coating fertilizer granulator is also a kind of compound fertilizer granulator.So we can use the npk fertilizer production technology to produce the coating fertilizer granulator.The fertilizer production line between the compound fertilizer granulatro with the coating fertilizer granulator.It is first to mixing the raw material in the fertilizer production line,then using the rotary drum granulator machine or other type fertilizer granulator machine to make the compound fertilizer granulator.The machine of using to make compound fertilizer granulator,we can also have the roller press granulator,disc granulator,which is also can  be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.After granulating,using the drum screener machine to separate the quality fertilizer granulator and inquality fertilizer granulator,which make the inquality fertilizer granulator enter into the cruser machine to make fertilizer granulator again.Next to using the coating machine to coat the quality fertilizer granulator,finally enter into the packing machine.
Using the coating fertilizer granulator can effectively prevent and control crop seeding pests and diseases,it can promote seeding growth and increase crop yield;what's more,it reduces environmental pollution.