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The method of using the fertilizer granulator

Farmyard manure is generally used as a base fertilizer. However, due to the variety of fertilizers and high prices, many vegetable farmers will also use farmyard manure as a top dressing, which is applied with water and has a ditch. However, because many vegetable farmers do not know the characteristics of farmyard manure, improper application, resulting in low efficiency of farmyard manure, yellow leaves of vegetables, growth retardation and many other problems.So how to use the farmyard fertilizer?Generally speaking,the fertilizer always be made into fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer granulator machine.Because using the fertilizer granulator machine to make the fertilizer into fertilizer granulator which can make the fertilizer save longer time.
Farmyard manure needs to be applied in combination with potash.Although the nutrients contained in the farmyard manure are all full,the nutrient content ratio is not necessarily suitable for the growth of vegetables.According to the survey,the main use of topdressing in various places is pig manure and chicken manure.These two kinds of farmyard manure have high nitrogen and high phosphorus,but the potassium content is low.For solanceous and melon vegetables,the demand for potassium is much greater than the demand for nitrogen and nitrogen is much larger than that of phosphorus.It is obviously not enough to meet the needs of vegetable growth.Therefore,the application of farmyard manure and potassium fertilizer is better.
Second,farmyard manure must be fully decomposed,Unfertilized farmyard manure nutrient is low in effectiveness,not only does not achieve the purpose of topdrssin,but ir will cause problems such as root injury and shed.Therefore,the use of farmyard manure as a fertilizer application,it is recommended that farmers prepare early,avoid the pursuit of fresh farmyard manure.When decomposed,the farmyard manure should not be piled too thick,but also pay attention to proper ventilation.Small bundles of corn stalks can be interested in the manure pile to ensure proper supply of oxygen,promote the reproduction of biological bacteria,and ensurre that the farmyard manure can be decomposed.In the process of fermenting the raw material,the fermentation compost turner machine is a neccesary fertillizer machine.Using the fermentation compost turner machine to turn the raw material in order to make the raw material ferment uniformly.
In the process of fertilizer manufacturing process for producing the organic fertilizer granulator,it is neccessary to ferment the raw material.It will be harmful to the plant root if we use the raw material unfermented directly.The design of the organic fertilizer manufacturing process is a good method to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process it will save more time to produce organic fertilizer and save more labor cost.
The video of the roller press granulator production line: