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Principle of dividing fertilizer

With the widely used of the fertilizer in all over the world,the fertilizer manufacturing process is also appearance.Designing the different fertilizer granulator machine to produce the different type fertilizer.Like the npk fertilizer production is a new design to produce the npk fertilizer granulator and the organic fertilizer manufacturing process is widely used in the all over the world.Different fertilizer using the different fertilizer machines,so how to divided the fertilizer granulator?What principle of dividing the fertilizer type?
The common fertilizer that we see in the farming plants have the potassium fertilizer,phosphate fertilizer,compound fertilizer,urea,organic fertilizer etc,then what kind of fertilizer they belong to?According to what principle is divided?
Fertilizer is actually the abbreviation of "chemical fertilizer".From the perspective of fertilizer content,it is divided into two types:elemental fertilizer and compound fertilizer.Elemental fertilizer refers to fertilizers that contain only one of the nitrogen,phosphorus,and potassium nutrients,such as nitrogen,phosphate,and potassium.Compound fertilizers are otften referred to as fertilizers containing either or both of nitrogen,phosphorus,and potassium,such as:nitrogen and phosphorus compound fertilizer,phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer,nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer.According to the different fertilization,people usually divide the fertilizer into:base fertilizer,seed fertilizer,top dressing and so on.Base fertilizer refers to the fertilizer that needs to be used for planting and transplanting plants.
Depending on the raw materials,we are in principle divided into organic and inorganic fertilizers.Organic fertilizer refers to natural organic matter,such as cow dung,rice branmchicken manure,fish meal,bone meal,oil meal etc,which can be decomposed by microoeganisms in the soil and slowly release nutrients.Inorganic fertilizers are processed by chemical factories.For example,the most common urea,lime,ammonium sulfate and carbonic acid fertilizers are inorganic fertilizers.It decomposes the effects of lean misture,temperature and PH.Producing the organic fertilizer granulator we can use the flat die granulator or the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine.
According to the different fertilization methods,the shape of the fertilizer and the effect of the fertilizere etc ,the fertilizers can also be classified,such as water-soluble fertilizer,foliar fertilizer,granular fertilizer,belnded fertilizer,control release fertilizer etc,and can also be based on the state of the fertilizer.Divided into liquid fertilizer,soild fertilizer and so on.According to the nature of its fertilizer,it can be divided into:high-concentration,medium-concentration,low-concentration,etc depending on the concentration.
The fertilizer manufacturing process not only including the fertilizer granulator machine,it also including other fertilizer machines,and a complete fertilizer production line is also designed to produce all kinds of type fertilizer granulator.Besides the fertilizer that we write in the article,the bio fertilizer granulator is also a kind of organic fertilizer granulator,and the bio fertilizer production is also designed to produce the bio fertilizer granulator specially.