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The influence of the moisture on the fertilizer

In a complete fertilizer manufacturing process,the fertilizer machines are included in the fertilizer production line.And in the process of raw material crushing,the moisturer equirement of the original material is a factor that cannot be ignored.Excluding other influences,if the moisture of the material is too low,the hardness of the processed object is high,and the power consumption during processing is large,which increase the production cost of the enterprise and reduces the service life of the equipment;if the moisture is too large,it is not easy to be crushed and the hammer is increased.The number of impacts,as well as heat generated by the friction of the material and the impact of the hammer,causes the water inside the processing  object to evaporate,and the evaporated water forms a paste with the pulverized fine powder to block the mesh hole,thereby reducing the discharge of the pulverizer.Taking the bio fertilizer granulator as an example to describe the problem:
In the bio fertilizer production,we need to use the fertilizer crusher machine to crush the raw material and then using the fertilizer mixer machine to mix the raw material.In the process,we need to control the water in the raw material,or if the water in the raw material too much it will reduce the using lifespan of the fertilizer machine.Then using the fertilizer granulator machine to granulate,and in the process of producing the bio fertilizer granulator,we ca choose the flat die granulator machine.When using the flat die granulator machine,too low moisture sometimes causes blockage of the die hole,whicle reducing production,increasing electricity consumption per ton,thereby increasing production costs;when moisture is too high,the shape of the pellet does not meet the technical requirements.The product molding rate is reduced,and it is not easy to store and transport.
Besides the flat die granulator,the roller press granulator machine also need to notice the control of the fertilizer granulator in the producess of producing,when the moisture entering the processed material is too low,the surface quality of the processed fertilizer granulator is smooth and hard,which is not easy for the animal to digest and absorb,and the processing power is too high,the productivity is low;when the moisture is too high.At the time,the processed fertilizer granulator has a  rough appearance and a low molding rate and is prone to the mildew and fragmentation during transportation,and also causes wear between the mold rolls.Sometimes the fertilizer granulator machine can dry a certain water in the process of producing the fertilizer granulator,but sometimes the water of the fertilizer granulator cannot be dried to the standard,and we can use the fertilizer dryer machine which designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers to help dry the water in the fertilizer granulator.
We are professional fertilizer machine manufacturers and we design many new fertilizer machines and fertilizer manufacturing process,the bio fertilizer production is a fertilizer production line in these fertilizer manufacturing process which used to produce the fertilizer granulator,because the moisture requirement of the fertilizer granulator,the drum dryer is designed to dry the water and using the fertilizer dryer machine it can make the fertilizer granulator meet the requirement of the moisture in most of time.