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Extrusion granulation using roller press granulator

Different fertilizer granulator machine can be used to produce different fertilizer granulator.And the roller press granulator is a new type fertilizer granulator and is used to produce compound fertilizer granulator.It can be widely used in fertilizer making industry and the chemistry industry to make powder material into fertilizer granulator.Different fertilizer granulator uses different fertilizer producing method to produce compound fertilizer granulator.And what method using of the roller press granulator?
The doublee roller press granulator is a development based on the orgrinal roller press granulator,the machine is a development and improvement.The raw material of producing compound fertilizer granulator using the roller press granulator can be organic matterial and inorganic material.In the producess it also can be added into npk material.The method of producing compound fertilizer are also have many,and the extrusion granulation method is a coommon method.
Molding granulation process does not need to spray water before granulation in the extrusion molding of fertilizer.It does not need to be dried and cooled after granulation,and the sphericity rate is above 90%.The key fertilizer equipment of the molding granulation method is the roller press granulator.The principle of granulation is that the base material after mixing is squeezed into the die hole,pressed into a cylindrical shape,extruded from below the die hole,and cut by the underside of the nstallation flat die.Knife cut to the required length.
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