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Fertilizer dryer,cooler,and coating machine

In the fertilizer production line,after granulating the material still include water and the temperature is so high,so we need to dry the water and cool the temperature.So we design the fertilizer dryer and cooler machine to make the working can be more quickly.
1.Rotary dryer:
The rotary dryer have the characteristics of beautiful appearance,simple operation,low consumption,long severice life,uniform drying,easy maintenance and so on.The rotary dryer is a more advanced dring equipment for compound fertilizer,the rotary dryer is mainly used for drying the compound fertilizer production in a certain temperature and grain size  of the fertilizer.In the inner od the drum dryer there is a lifting plate,the plate is mainly playing a role in making the raw material fully dry and dry continuouslly.
2. Rotary cooler:
The rotary cooler is paired with the rotary drum dryer for cooling the fertilizer paarticles in a temperature and particle size during the production process of compound fertilizer.This rotary drum cooler can greatly improve the cooling speed,reduce labor intensity,improve the yield,further to remove part of water and reduces the fertilizer particle temperature.At the same time,it can also be used for cooling other powdery and granular materials.
3.Coating machine
The coating machine is mainly used to produce the compound fertilizer.There are many types of coating materials used,mainly sulfur,polymer,resin,paraffin and so on.These film-forming substances are wrapped on the surfance of the water-souble granular fertilizer to avoid direct contact between the fertilizer and the soil and the roots of the crop.The purpose of the coating is to slowly release the available nutrients  in the coated fertilizer after it is applied to the soil to prolong the fertilizer.