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How to use the chicken manure to make organic fertilizer?

The manure is a kind of raw material to make organic fertilizer,the chicken manure organic fertilizer is based on chicken manure and crop straw as the main raw material and is fermented by using straw stalk. The straw stalk is harmless to humans and animals,it has no pollution to the environment.It is safe to use,it can fix nitrogen,dissolve phosphorus,dissolve potassium,and can also decompose chemical petiicides and residual substances of chemical fertilizers and it has the effect of increasing production and disease resistance for planting.Using the organic fertilizer machine to make the chicken manure organic fertilizer is more efficiency.So how to produce the chicken manure organic fertilzier?Well,this article will share with you.
Simple production.Before producing,we need to ferment the raw material.The fermentation is more convenient and high efficiency.During the fermentation,we can use the simple compost turning machine,windrow compost turning machine.You can choose the machine according to your yield.Then,we need to be ready to the material,and we put the raw material into the batching system,then  put the material into the crusher machine and mixer machine by the belt conveyor.Producing the organic fertilizer machine,we can choose the chain crusher and the vertical disc mixer machine.After mixing the raw material,if we need the powder fertilizer,so we direct into the packing machine,and if we need to make the organic fertilizer into granular,we need to using the fertilizer granulator machine to finish.Using the organic fertilizeer granulator machine which you need.Producing the organic fertilizer granulator,the flat die granulator machine is the hot machine in the market or you can choose a complete fertilizer organic fertilizer production line to finish the producing.
Besides the chicken manure can be as raw material,the cow manure,silt,municipal waste,sewage waste and so on all can produce the organic fertilizer.Now,the technology developed bettere and better,and in our company our engineers are continuouslly design new fertilizer machine to make high quality fertilizer granular.If you want to know more,you can visit our website and leave a message for us,we will supply some suitable suggestion for you.