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Other supporting facilities

In a complete ferilizer production line,besides some main fertilizer machines,there are also need some supporting facilities.These facilities are also play an important role in the fertilizer production line.So what fertilizer supporting facilities are included?
The supporting facilities mainly have these fertilizer machines:
1.Loader feeding hopper:This machine is a new combination of capacity and even feeding.The machine has material storage bin,anti caking cushing device,discharging adjustment system and conveying device.The overall combination enables large volume storage of materials to be transported at a uniform speed and can be continuously worked,especially for engineering applications such as chemical fertilizers and aquaculture.
The features of the fertilizer machine:The machine is mainly used for the mechanized feeding and transport of raw materials.The raw material can be continuously fed by a shovel to reduce the artifical fatigue.The middle of the silo has a pulverizing and feeding device.The material in the silo is too much to start the pulverizing device.The main shaft runs to com-mintuted and accumulated materials,so that the material is loose from the line,and falls on the conveyor belt,and the belt is on the belt.The main roller runs the belt,making the material output evenly,and regulates the export baffle by itself.
2.Melting pot:This product is suitable for food,drink,medicine,chemical industry and other industries,such as intermediate buffer,liquid storage,mixing,blending etc.This product is well stirred,high efficiency,easy to operate.It is a point to use the heat source and environmental protection.The top feed inlet is convenient to feed,and the heating unit,the lower part of the metering pump and the outlet piple,the discharge outlet,the thermonclear and the transmission part are the intermediate transmission of the cyclonic needle wheel reducer.All the contact materials are 304 stainles steel and all surfaces are treated.
3.Ball shaping machine:This series of polishing machines are a new type of equipment:the granulating rate is more than 95%.The motor adopts flexible belt drive to start smooth,slow down the impact force and improve the service life of the equipment.Throough the process,the discs are hard and durable,it is never deformed and sturdy base.It does not need foot bolt fixed.It also has the long service lifee andd so on,it is deeply used.High praise of the household is the ideal product for the majority of users.The machine is high putput and in the process can be flexible with one or several granulators used at the same time,solving the discharge that a granulator must be equipped with a polishing machine,which bring complex processing,big investment,multiple devices have finished goods with different quality.
4.Dwatering-machine:The machine can be widely applied to the separation of high concentration organic waste water such as chicken,horse,cattle,all kinds of intensive livestock and polutry manure,distiller's grains,starch residue,sauce residue and slaughterhouse.After soild-liquid separation and dehydration,the machine has low moisture content,no viscosty,and no hand squeezing.The treated animal manure can be directly packed or sold.The water content of livestock manure after treatment is the best condition for organic manure fermentation of livestock manure,and can be fermented directly to produce organic fertilizer.
Besides these fertilizer machines we also have the gas/oil hot air stove,cyclone dust collector and uniform feeder.