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How to fertilizer crops?

Fertilizer granulator to be used in farming and planting,and the development of the fertilizer manufacturing process help the fertilizer producer improve the fertilizer quality and fertilizer producing efficient.And in previous article,we shsare the disavantages of using the fertilizer overmuch,so how to fertilizer crops?What is the principle of fertilizing crops?What is the basis for fertilizing crops?How is the crop fertilized reasonably?This article will share more information.
Firstly,.Fertilizer according to different growth stages of different crops and crops.
Different crop type have different nutrient requirements.For example,gramineous crops require more nitrogen and nitrogen fertilizers are more effective.Legume crops require more phosphorus and potassium,and  and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers have better effects. Root crops such as sweet potato are especially happy. Potassium has a significant effect on increasing potassium application. Deep root crops require large amounts of fertilizer, shallow root crops require less fertilizer, crops with short growth periods require less fertilizer, and crops with longer growth periods require larger amounts of fertilizer. The types, quantities and proportions of nutrients absorbed by different crops at different developmental stages are different. Generally, the amount of fertilizer required in the seedling stage is small, and the amount of fertilizer is required to be the largest during the vigorous growth period.
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Secondly, due to soil fertilization
Sandy soil should adhere to the principle of “small amount of multiple times” due to poor water retention and fertilizer retention; the viscous soil has good water retention and fertilizer retention effect, and the fertilizer effect is lasting, which should be based on the base fertilizer and supplemented by top dressing. Alkaline fertilizer or physiological alkaline fertilizer should be applied to acidic soil; acidic fertilizer or physiological acid fertilizer should be applied to alkaline soil. For fertile soil with deep soil layers and high organic matter content, the amount of fertilization can be less; the thin soil with shallow soil layer should increase the amount of fertilizer.
Third, due to fertilization
Temperature, precipitation, sunshine, humidity, ice and snow frost and other factors directly or indirectly affect the supply of nutrients, the speed of supply and the absorption of nutrients by crops. For example, high temperature is conducive to the decomposition of nutrients and the absorption of nutrients by crops, and the fertilization concentration should be light. Conversely, during low temperature cold wave, the amount of fertilizer should be increased, and the fertilization concentration should be appropriately increased to benefit the crop against cold.
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