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Organic fertilizer manufacturing process project(First)

 With the rapid development of animal husbandry and planting, large and medium-sized livestock and poultry farms are constantly emerging in various places. The large amount of livestock and poultry manure produced has become a major source of pollution in the local area due to lack of timely treatment. How to timely and rationally process and use it as soon as possible Turning waste into treasure has become a difficult problem to be solved. At the same time,the chemical fertrilizer using too much,it also causes the environment are to be polluted.In recent,after a lot of reasearch of different industries,the organic fertilizer is designed for industries of planting.So how we to produce the organic fertilizer granulator?
The organic fertilizer granulator is produced by the fertilizer manufacturing process,and the engineers designed the organic fertilizer manufacturing process to make the organic fertilizer granulator.How we build the organic fertilizer manfuacturing process?What fertilizer machines are included in the fertilizer production line?Why we to build the fertilizer production line?And how much investment about we need to build a complete fertilizer production line?Theses articles we will share you some professional answer with in next article.In this article we are mainly solve the problem that how we to build the organic fertilizer manufacturing process?
Building the fertilizer production line is a big project,before that we need to make the ready of finding  a suitable place and we need to know what raw material we need when we produce the organic fertilizer granulator.Firstly,when we begaing the project,the place need to be enough big that we can put our fertilizer machines if we are big productivity.And then the place need to be choosen is convenient to get the raw material.If we save the time of transporting the raw material,we will be convenient to make the organic fertilizer granulator and we will save more cost to make the fertilizer granulator in transporting.And we can choosing the place near a farm to attaining the raw material in time.
Then about the raw material:Producing the organic fertilizer granulator is not so simple as the npk fertilizer production.The raw material of the organic fertilizer ganulator need to be fermented before making the granulator.The main raw materials for fertilizer production include:pig manure,cow dung,chicken manure,etc;the ingredients include:straw,charcoal,grass carbon,ricce husk and so on.

In fact,the organic fertilizer manufacturing process is a big project,when we build organic fertilizer manufacturing process.we need to find some professional fertilizer producing suggestions.
As the fertilizer machine manfuacturers,we not only produce the high quality fertilizer machines,we also can design a special fertilizer production line according to different customers' producing requirement.There are some successful case we can share with you.
Flat die organic fertilizer granulation production line
Well,.About the choose of the place,if you have some problems you can leave a message for us and we will share more information with you in next article.