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What are the properties and types of biological fertilizers (bacterial fertilizers)?

We have known the organic fertilizer granulator and the compound fertilizer granulator,and there we share a new fertilizer granulator that called bio organic fertilizer granulator.We know that we can use the bio fertilizer production line to produce the bio organic fertilizer granulator.So what are the properties and types of bio organic fertilziers or bacterial fertilizers?
In the past,bio fertilizer was only an auxiliary fertilizer.It did not contain the nutrient elements needed for crop growth,but improved the nutrientional contions of crops through the life activities of its own microorganisms,such as fixing nitrogen in the air,participating in the transformation of nutrients,promoting the absorption of nutrieentsby crops,secreting hormones to stimulate crops.Root development,inhibiting the activities of harmful microorganisms,etc,in order to achieve the purpose of promoting crop growth.At present,the development of bio fertilizer is not only an auxiliary fertilizer,but also can provide various nutrients to crops,such as bio micro fertilizer,which combines specific living microorganisms or strains with trace elements.The fertilizer manufacturing process to make the bio organic fertilizer granulator higher efficient.
bio fertilizer production
There are many kinds of biological fertilizers, which can be divided into bacterial fertilizer, actinomycete fertilizer and fungal fertilizer according to the specific microbial species in their products. According to their different roles, Biofertilizers can be divided into five categories.
1. Bacterial fertilizer with nitrogen fixation. It includes Rhizobium fertilizer, nitrogen fixing bacteria fertilizer and nitrogen fixing cyanobacteria.
2. Bacterial fertilizer for decomposing organic matter in soil. It includes organic phosphorus bacterial fertilizer and compound bacterial fertilizer.
3. Bacterial fertilizer for decomposing insoluble minerals in soil organic matter. It includes silicate bacterial fertilizer and inorganic phosphorus bacterial fertilizer.
4. Bacterial fertilizer to promote crop utilization of soil nutrients. Including mycorrhizal fertilizer.
5. Bacterial fertilizer for disease resistance and stimulation of crop growth. Including antibiotic fertilizer, increasing production of bacterial fertilizer, etc.
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